Supports any C# Syntax

Supports Debugging in C#

Supports all Popular Web and Mobile Frameworks

Generates Pure and Clean JavaScript


Quickly learn and integrate popular web libraries like jQuery, to create rich user experience.


jQuery UI



Develop large and complex web apps in teams, harnessing design-time features of Visual Studio, and the power of C# language.

Use classes, enums, interfaces, delegates, lambda expressions, extension methods, generics, ref and out parameters, anonymous objects, collection and object initializers, basically anything!

SharpKit is a powerful cross-compiler, that adapts any JavaScript syntax, to any library using simple and powerful metadata.


Visual Studio


SharpKit 5 v5.4.4 is here! What's New?

Try SharpKit Online, Live!

SharpKit is now available with a new installer and HTML5 support in all libraries!

Extensibility! Develop your own plugin for SharpKit compiler! Learn more

New libraries support: PhoneGap, KineticJs

Microsoft on{X} library support by Alon

SharpKit Razor: open-source project that generates C# and JavaScript from Razor views

Support for Raphael JavaScript library

Support for Reactive Extensions

Support for PhantomJS, created by Dmitri, read his DevTalk article.

SharpKit Wiki is up, with code snippets and guides

HTML5 is now supported! Documentation and sources available

Ext JS 4 is now supported! Sources and documentation available

jQuery UI wrapper library - use jQuery UI like winforms controls

Support for jQuery and jQuery UI is available


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