Release Notes

SharpKit v5.4.4 (Latest)

22-May-2014  Download

SharpKit v5.4.3

22-May-2014  Download

SharpKit v5.4.2

18-May-2014  Download

SharpKit v5.4.1

17-May-2014  Download

SharpKit 5

  • Support JsEventAttribute.Export (Credit: Zdenek)
  • License file will now stored in ProgramData / All Users directory, too. So the sharpkit service has access to it.
  • # License.cs and SharpKitVersionInfo.cs are now linked
  • Do not add an "ctor" if not requied when using dynamics (issue 352)
  • Fixed: Using 24-hour format in optional timestamp in javascript file header
  • GlobalCode in CLR-Mode fixed

SharpKit SDK

  • Merged custom indexedDB into indexedb namespace.
  • Added constants for transaction mode.
  • Added window.indexedDB
  • Generic interface for JSON parsing
  • List<>.Add in NoClr
  • Adding NativeOperatorOverload to JsDate.
  • Fix SelectMany linq bug for arrays and lists in jsclr (Credit: Tim)
  • Update some missing apis in signalr-0.5.2.cs
  • Add typed generic classes for jquery Deferred and Promise
  • Added some missing SignalR properties (credit: Ryan)
  • added finish() method to jQuery
  • Add some missing var declarations in jsclr for better web worker support (Credit: Colin)
  • fixed DateTime.Parse()
  • Add MomentJs (Credit: Daniel)
  • Add JsContext.@new() method
  • Add optimized Clone method for all typed arrays in jsclr (Credit: Colin)
  • Add HasProperty and hasOwnProperty extension methods to SharpKit.JavaScript namespace

SharpKit v5.4.0

23-Mar-2014  Download

SharpKit 5

  • added support for unix machine id generation

SharpKit SDK

  • Adding comparator operators to JsDate
  • Updated comments for modified in previous commit UITabs class
  • Add IGrouping class to jsclr (Credit: Colin)

SharpKit v5.3.8

13-Mar-2014  Download

SharpKit 5

  • Fix property assignment result when used in return statement - return x.MyClrProperty; (Credit: Colin)

SharpKit v5.3.7

13-Mar-2014  Download

SharpKit 5

  • Fix += and ++ operations on indexers (credit: Colin)
  • Implement JsType.JsonTypeFieldName - to allow identification of json objects using some field name, e.g.: obj.__type=='MyClass'
  • Fix global methods bug when used in prototype classes

SharpKit SDK

  • Add JsType.JsonTypeFieldName - allows auto set of some 'type name' property, supports basic type checking
  • Add IList interface support for arrays in jsclr mode (Credit: Colin)
  • Numerous enhancements and fixes to KendoUI
  • Added localeCompare() method to core Javascript JsString class.

SharpKit v5.3.6

5-Mar-2014  Download

SharpKit 5

  • Streamline method export to base class MemberConverter
  • Code cleanups
  • Fix memory leak in service mode
  • Support adding custom attributes to assemblies in the plugin (Credit: Marek)
  • Support generic method args in InlineCodeExpression
  • Support JsMethod.InlineCodeExpression - easy way to customize method invocation code

SharpKit SDK

  • AppCache state values as const
  • Add System.Single (float) definition in jsclr (Credit: Tim)
  • Fixed issue 330 - base class methods in reflection issue
  • Fix Math.Truncate in jsclr
  • Implement a Replacer event for JsClrSerializer
  • Add JsMethodAttribute.InlineCodeExpression

SharpKit v5.3.5

2-Feb-2014  Download

SharpKit 5

  • Implement JsExport.ForceIntegers, bringing back the old feature that adds |0 to enforce integer operations
  • Deprecate WriteOverride for some js ast nodes
  • Optimize js code formatter
  • Some custom attribute matching optimizations
  • Add temp file compare check before writing into final file in generated js files and source maps
  • Re-use tokens for already tokenized js units
  • Re-use formatted tokens for already formatted js units in the same format
  • Major change in code formatting, default is JavaScript style, C# style can be configured via JsExport.JsCodeFormat attribute
  • Fix a few C# formatting bugs
  • Implement JavaScript formatting style
  • Implement Minified formatting style (raw / external code will not be minified for now)
  • Enable C# source maps on minified code
  • Move JsToken into a new file
  • Support annotations (metadata) for JsNodes
  • Remove JsNodeEx extension
  • Support JsNode.Clone in compiler
  • Support JsNode.Parent
  • Avoid re-using same node in different places

SharpKit SDK

  • Commit sdk tests using new js format style
  • Commit jsclr with new js code formatting style

SharpKit v5.3.4

26-Jan-2014  Download

SharpKit 5

  • Fix js writer issues causing minification bugs

SharpKit SDK

  • jsclr filename export fixes, fix minified version
  • Implement OrderBy, OrderByDescending, ThenBy, ThenByDescending in jsclr
  • Add ToArray() invisible helper method (from jsarray to .net array)
  • LinqJs: Fix return type for OrderBy, remove unsupported extension method (Credit: Tim)

SharpKit v5.3.3

18-Jan-2014  Download

SharpKit 5

  • Fix type checking ('is/as/casting') for generic type parameters, by checking IgnoreGenericTypeParameters and IgnoreGenericMethodArguments to decide better. (Credit: Marek)

SharpKit v5.3.2

14-Jan-2014  Download

SharpKit 5

  • Remove debug code from windows service start, avoid crash

SharpKit v5.3.1

12-Jan-2014  Download

SharpKit 5

  • Fix SharpKit service detection, now using http://localhost:7667/Test http call instead
  • Support GET operations on SharpKit http service
  • Show license filename when using 'why' option

SharpKit SDK

  • JsClr System.Math enhancements - by Colin

SharpKit v5.3.0

11-Jan-2014  Download

SharpKit 5

SharpKit SDK

  • Fix automatic events bug (Credit: Daniel)
  • Added NativeOperatorOverloads=true to JsObject
  • commenting out the recursive clause
  • Support compile constants on jsclr and jQuery NET3_5 and NET4

SharpKit v5.2.9

14-Dec-2013  Download

SharpKit 5

  • Fix support for clr mode anonymous objects (injection method added)
  • Fix indexer access in multiple assignments
  • Fix Issue 277: Dictionary indexer assignment value (Credit: Colin)
  • Fixed error when mixing multiple and single variable declarations (issue 331)
  • Using now a more elegant way to get the initializer of a field.
  • Minor fixes to Packager

SharpKit SDK

  • Remove tuple with 8 prms (causes issues)
  • Added tests for anonymous objects, LinqQueries, Indexers
  • added field tests

SharpKit v5.2.8

30-Nov-2013  Download

SharpKit 5

  • Multiple variable declarations in one statement are now possible
  • Fixed crash when have multiple variable declarations in one statement
  • Preparation for better interface implementation (not active yet)
  • fixed error when loading a plugin. Credit: Kirk
  • added JsExportAttribute.AddTimeStampInSharpKitHeaderComment
  • fixed exception, when IsNativeArrayEnumerator was declared global (issue 325)
  • Added git support in release management
  • Moved mirrored types to an another internal namespace
  • including MonoDevelop.SharpKit.dll in installer
  • installer checks now, if gksudo is installed, when running without root permissions.
  • added project template for MonoDevelop
  • Windows sharpkit service will now be removed on uninstallation (issue 326)

SharpKit SDK

  • Link interface methods in jsclr (not used yet)
  • Provided access to the jQuery.ui object (without dependency on jQueryUI).
  • Added the jQuery.fn object
  • Added Window indexer
  • Added IE compatibility for HTMLScriptElement
  • extended the current log implementation to cover base-10 and arbitrary bases
  • Add CloseReason enum to WebSocket CloseEvent

SharpKit v5.2.7

12-Nov-2013  Download

SharpKit 5

  • - Skip error during installation, when symbolic linked directory cannot removed
  • - Default attributes are now recognized better

SharpKit v5.2.6

10-Nov-2013  Download

SharpKit 5

  • Added better .NET framework version check. The error is now a warning can be skipped.

SharpKit v5.2.5

9-Nov-2013  Download

SharpKit 5

  • added template for Visual Studio 2013
  • SharpKit has now full Visual Studio 2013 integration
  • The sharpkit installer build environment is now configurable via config.xml
  • Fixed bug in installer when loading embedded assembly
  • removing symbolic link on uninstall
  • - Create soft link in MSBuild directory for VS2003 during installation
  • - Different casing of output filenames will now work (issue 306)
  • - The lock keyword will now be ignored (ISSUE 313)
  • - OmitDotOperator is now supported, too, when the calling method has no arguments. (ISSUE 320)
  • - fixed compiler error, when casting to generic type
  • added .NET framework version check to the installer
  • - values of typed arrays can now used as ref/out argument.
  • - code formatting
  • - Fixed typed array constructor bug
  • - byte array now uses Uint8Array instead of Int8Array
  • - added sbyte array support (UInt8Array)

SharpKit SDK

  • added missing reference in JsClr for 3.5 compatibility
  • Upgraded SDK solution to VS2012. It can still opend and modified with VS2010 :)
  • - added GetEnumerator for typed arrays
  • - Added Array.Sort, List.Sort with use of IComparable.
  • - Added Comparer.Default
  • - added test
  • - added DialogOptions.appendTo in jqueryUI
  • - Added System.Uri.Fragment
  • - Removed OmitCasts=true from Sharpkit.Html and added NativeCasts=true, because 'instanceof' will not work otherwise.
  • First verion of SharpKit.DotNet libs (by alchiweb)
  • By Colin: Implemented CompareTo in JsNumber
  • Added empty FabricJs codegen and library projects

SharpKit v5.2.4

5-Oct-2013  Download

SharpKit 5

  • Upgrade website
  • Integrate bootstrap
  • Upgrade jquery
  • Upgrade ace

SharpKit SDK

  • Added JsDate >,<,<=,>= operators (credit: Gilad)
  • Fix Google Maps API (spherical and encoding)

SharpKit v5.2.3

18-Sep-2013  Download

SharpKit 5

  • Fix enum metadata inheritance
  • Streamline clr mode enums - make default by enum value, support valuesAsNames only when JsEnum attribute is declared
  • Fix enums when initialized with OR operator
  • Fix extension methods first argument when used as a delegate (DelegateCapturesFirstArgument)
  • Change activation app to run in x32/x64
  • Added option to 'save again' the activation key to the registry
  • Fix line counting

SharpKit SDK

  • Exclude obsolete projects from SharpKit_SDK.sln file
  • Removed global JsType attribute, and then, add the JsType parameters in all classes and enum.
  • Implemented Tuple.Create()
  • Implemented SelectMany missing overload (for Colin)
  • Added extension methods and custom events tests
  • Fixed xml error in csproj file on AppMobi project
  • add lang=C# attribute to code tag

SharpKit v5.2.2

10-Sep-2013  Download

SharpKit 5

  • Fix json array initializers to generate only if NativeJsArrayEnumerator=true
  • Fixed NativeError=true when using exceptions
  • Optimize external file minification memory

SharpKit SDK

  • Google maps and jquery enhancements
  • MIT Licence for this project.
  • The Guid for the typelib wasn't unique (copy/paste from PhoneGAP project...). It has been regenerated.
  • Project file included: "appmobi-4.0.0.cs" instead of "appmobi-3.4.0.cs".
  • New version of AppMobi wrapper (credit: This version (1.0) includes all the Intel's API doc & examples. For AppMobi v4.0.
  • Add remove(HtmlOptionElement option) to HtmlSelectElement
  • added HtmlSelectElement.remove(index) (Credit: Herve)
  • NodeJs and MongoDbNative enhancements
  • Enhanced node.js support
  • Added MongoDb NativeClient javascript support
  • Added Linq.Concat support in JsClr (contributed by Colin)
  • Added JsMode.Json on jQuery AnimateOptions (Credit: Mike)

SharpKit v5.2.2

10-Sep-2013  Download

SharpKit 5

  • Fix json array initializers to generate only if NativeJsArrayEnumerator=true
  • Fixed NativeError=true when using exceptions
  • Optimize external file minification memory

SharpKit SDK

  • Google maps and jquery enhancements
  • MIT Licence for this project.
  • The Guid for the typelib wasn't unique (copy/paste from PhoneGAP project...). It has been regenerated.
  • Project file included: "appmobi-4.0.0.cs" instead of "appmobi-3.4.0.cs".
  • New version of AppMobi wrapper (credit: This version (1.0) includes all the Intel's API doc & examples. For AppMobi v4.0.
  • Add remove(HtmlOptionElement option) to HtmlSelectElement
  • added HtmlSelectElement.remove(index) (Credit: Herve)
  • NodeJs and MongoDbNative enhancements
  • Enhanced node.js support
  • Added MongoDb NativeClient javascript support
  • Added Linq.Concat support in JsClr (contributed by Colin)
  • Added JsMode.Json on jQuery AnimateOptions (Credit: Mike)

SharpKit SDK

  • Added Linq.Concat support in JsClr (contributed by Colin)
  • Added JsMode.Json on jQuery AnimateOptions (Credit: Mike)

SharpKit SDK

  • Added Linq.Concat support in JsClr (contributed by Colin)
  • Added JsMode.Json on jQuery AnimateOptions (Credit: Mike)

SharpKit v5.2.0

31-Jul-2013  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix casting to typed arrays
  • Fix operator overloading when using += on + overloading (Credit: Colin)
SharpKit SDK
  • Fix casting to typed arrays (Credit: Colin)
  • - moved Guid from System.ComponentModel.js to System.js
  • - fixed Guid.ToString() (hex chars were not generated correctly)
  • - added Int64 class
  • - in CoreEx.js: added System.Object ReferenceEquals: function (x, y)
  • - in CoreEx.js: added System.Object ReferenceEquals$$Object$$Object: function (x, y)
  • (the first one can be eliminated as soon as the compiler generates
  • System.Object ReferenceEquals$$Object$$Object(a,b) instead of System.Object.ReferenceEquals(a,b) for a==b)
  • - added OmitCasts in AssemblyInfo.cs
  • - added System.Collections.IEqualityComparer
  • - corrected namespace of System.Collections.Generic.IEqualityComparer<T>
  • - added System.IComparable
  • - corrected typo in System.IComparer<T> interface name (was System.IComparar<T>)
  • - added System.IFormattable
  • - added DateTime.UtcNow (which currently returns DateTime.Now - to be implemented correctly)
  • - added JsDateEx.Ticks property (currently has a resolution of 1 millisecond only)
  • - added StringBuilder(int len) constructor
  • - added System.Uri.Uri() (default constructor, was required due to another compiler issue)
  • - added System.Uri.AbsoluteUri
  • - added System.Uri.operator==(System.Uri u1, System.Uri u2)
  • - added System.Uri.operator!=(System.Uri u1, System.Uri u2)
  • - added System.Uri.Equals(object obj)
  • - added System.Uri.GetHashCode()
  • new classes/structs
  • - added a very basic implementation of Guid (using System.Random for NewGuid(), no parsing)
  • - added System\Collections\ObjectModel\Collection.cs
  • - added System\Collections\ObjectModel\ObservableCollection.cs
  • - added System\Collections\ObjectModel\ReadOnlyCollection.cs
  • - added System\Collections\ObjectModel\ReadOnlyObservableCollection.cs
  • - added System\Collections\Specialized\Interfaces.cs
  • - added System\Collections\Specialized\NotifyCollectionEventArgs.cs
  • - added System\ComponentModel\AsyncCompletedEventArgs.cs
  • Add Operator overloading unit tests
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v5.01.8000

3-Jul-2013  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix direct field initialization bug when assigning to delegates (Credit: Rune)
SharpKit SDK
  • Create NoClr test project
  • Add Field initialization with delegates test
  • Fix String.Format bug in clr mode (Credit: Rune)
  • Disable casting to .NET number types: int,double,float,etc... in SharpKit.JavaScript. (Credit: Thomas)
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v5.01.7000

26-Jun-2013  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix external metadata issue which caused list.get_length() in NoClrMode (Credit: phq)
SharpKit SDK
  • Fix ICloneable jsclr name
  • Fix ICloneable location in clr scripts
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v5.01.6000

26-Jun-2013  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix new array with size as expression (Credit: Thomas)
  • Improve support for user defined conversions - implicit/explicit
SharpKit SDK
  • Add ICloneable interface in clr mode (Credit: Thomas)
  • Rename jsclr-4.1.0.js to jsclr.js - minified filename has changed as well!
  • Fix some compilation warnings in SDK
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v5.01.5000

21-Jun-2013  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Support getting and adding dynamic metadata (custom attributes) in SharpKit plugins!
  • Optimize and cache custom attributes
  • Optimize attribute resolving
  • Refactor code
  • Optimize external attributes and entity extension access
  • Fix activation issue when using Oracle VM VirtualBox
  • Fix licensing issue due to unfixed Oracle VirtualBox bug #5846 (Credit: Agustin)
  • Implement SkcSvcUtil - C# to JavaScript proxy generation utility
  • Fix anonmous delegate body resolving
  • Fix object initializers when adding to a list propert without initializing it - var x = new Contact { Phones = {"a","b","c" } }
  • Fix function wrapping with 'this' context only where needed
  • Fix issue when emitting fake cs code nodes
  • Support for loops multiple iterators and initializers
  • Fix Issue 246:Exception rethrowing syntax support
  • Automatically detect and support typed arrays
  • Fix Issue 239: Operator overloading issue - for Colin
  • Fix Issue 277: Dictionary indexer assignment value - for Colin
  • Fix Issue 166: Multiple property setters on one line - for Colin
  • Fix rebuild issue in VS2012
  • Fix Issue 247: Support for nested LINQ with where clauses - For Colin
  • Fix Issue 280: Indexer operator with out parameters - fixed non-static method resolving within indexers - for Colin
  • Fix #145 New Array with fixed length does not initialize the length - for Colin
  • Fix generic arguments when passing anonymous types
  • Upgrade to latest Mono.Cecil (parser)
  • Upgrade to latest NRefactory (parser)
SharpKit SDK
  • Updated/added class from latest THREE js API
  • New implementation for DateTime, now it is the exactly same type as native js date, support for UTC (DateTimeKind) added
  • Code cleanups in JsCompiler in JsClr
  • Fix server-side JsClrSerializer to support inherited fields / properties (Credit: Agustin)
  • Implement JsClrClientSerializer in SharpKit.JsClr (for Agustin)
  • Implement JsClrSerializer in SharpKit.Web (for Agustin)
  • First AppMobi wrapper version, as part of the XDK wrapper.
  • Fix usage of interfaces in clr mode when name is global without a namespace (credit: Emmanuel)
  • jQuery: Added the $.each() function that take arrays as parameters
  • Added static keyword to appropriate methods on Kendo and Kendo.Ui which were previously unusable
  • Added type parameters to DataSource, Model and most classes that interact with it
  • Fixed some missing properties and methods
  • LinqJs: Fixed some type parameters that were previously just 'object'
  • Added empty constructors to HTML5 typed arrays
  • added type check test
  • added parameterized constructor test
  • Add for loops unit tests
  • Add unit tests for exception handling
  • Add tests for typed arrays
  • Remove extra comma in CoreEx.js GetHashCode function (Credit: Avi)

SharpKit v5.01.1000

3-May-2013  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fixed usage of default keyword on enums: default(MyEnum) (Credit: Colin)
  • Fix bug when using yield in a method that returns IEnumerator. (Credit: Colin)
  • Fix JsEnum.ValuesAsNames when used as a default assembly attribute (Issue #286)
  • Improve UI in setup
SharpKit SDK
  • Add some more enum unit tests
  • Add support for breeze js 1.3.2
  • Added List.Count support in NoClr mode (Credit: Ryan)
  • Support Linq SelectMany in JsClr (Credit: Colin)
  • Apply fix to String.Format in JsClr (Credit: Alon)

SharpKit v5.01.0000

4-Apr-2013  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fixed installer to include latest version of SharpKit.JavaScript assembly (Credit: Ben)

SharpKit v5.00.9000

30-Mar-2013  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix using() with only one statement (no block)

SharpKit v5.00.8000

30-Mar-2013  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Support using(Foo()) statements (Issue #288)
SharpKit SDK
  • Added using(res()) test
  • Added Enums, GlobalFunctions, Params, JsDate tests
  • Add SharpKit.Google.Maps
  • Updated the qooxdoo sample project
  • Improved header classes generation
  • Improved header classes generation
  • Changed event names from 'EventName'+Event to On+'EventName'
  • Changed some of the classes to be abstract, as originally defined in the framework
  • Added qooxdoo samples project to the solution
  • Replaced qooxdoo framework with a compiled version
  • Added Qooxdoo projects to the main solution
  • Added sample project for the Qooxdoo wrapper
  • Added SharpKit.Qooxdoo.Generator project
  • Added SharpKit.Qooxdoo wrapper project
  • Added missing max auto property to jQuery UI ProgressBarOptions header.
  • Added missing detailInit JsAction property to Kendo GridConfiguration object.
  • Implemented GoogleMaps api parser generator and generated GoogleMaps v3 api
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v5.00.7000

4-Mar-2013  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix bug when using 'not operator' on properties
  • Fix JsMethod Global=true when applied to property accessor
SharpKit SDK
  • Avoid exception if parsing of type args is not possible
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v5.00.6000

22-Feb-2013  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix ++ and -- when using properties
  • Fixed enum member access code generation in non json mode (Credit: Yvan)
  • Upgrade Cecil
  • Fix source maps debugging, use full path of original cs filename to get the source file
  • - Fixes a bug when program files environment path is empty
SharpKit SDK
  • Add JsClrSerializer example (for: Aguxtin)
  • Fix System.String.Format in clr mode to use real 'params' behavior
  • Add method params arg unit test
  • Fixed bug in implementation of StringBuilder.Length
  • Added System.String.GetHashCode()
  • Added StringBuilder.Insert(int index, * value)
  • Added StringBuilder.Insert(int index, * value, int count)
  • Added ForceOmitCasts to SharpKit.JavaScript
  • Implemented Enum.GetName(Type, object)
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v5.00.5000

29-Jan-2013  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Support JsExport.ForceOmitCasts (feature request)
  • Added console based unix installation mode. The console mode will be started, when no graphical environment is available (for example in native tty terminal)
  • Removing skc bash scripts on unix uninstallation
  • - Using temp file name, when installing sharpkit.
  • - Shows the Program files folder on installation
  • Added JsExport.ForceOmitCasting
  • - Improved unix installer (request root permissions on installation, setting file permissions)
  • - added bash scripts "skc", "skc-setup" and "skc-activation"
  • SourceMappingHandler uses now query intead virtual directory
  • Someth Path-fixes
SharpKit SDK
  • Added JsExport.ForceOmitCasting
  • SourceMappingHandler uses now query intead virtual directory
  • JsClr fixed (Credit: Chris)
  • Add ISerializable
  • Fix PropertyInfo.op_equality and op_notequal
  • Fix PropertyInfo.GetValue() and SetValue() method signatures
  • System.Random.Next(min, max) should never return max.
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v5.00.4000

22-Jan-2013  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix inheritance issue in clr mode, when inheriting from jQueryContext (Credit: Steven)
  • Use Path.DirectorySeparatorChar, to support unix / linux paths
  • Added global exception handler in installer
SharpKit SDK
  • Fixed (x instanceof JsDate) (Credit: Michael)
  • Added missing SharpKit attributes in NodeJs library (credit: Damien)
  • Support SANDBOX mode in extjs, using compiler defines (needs recompile with SANDBOX defined) - credit: Samuel
  • Add enum unit test
  • Issue 268: Incorrect constructor signature for TouchEvent class in Sharpkit.Html
  • Issue 267: Incorrect constructor signature for MouseEvent class in Sharpkit.Html
  • SharpKit.Html uses now more EventListener<T>
  • added some DateTime methods
  • - Removed modules namespace
  • - fixed async keyword
  • Re-added class customizations.
  • Added missing Blob members.
  • Prefixed async keyword in generated code so assembly would compile.
  • Remove references to SharpKit.html.xml in generated code so assembly would compile.
  • Moved SharpKit.Html.Xml namespace to SharpKit.Html
  • new generated version of SharpKit.Html.dll
  • Updated WebIDL Parser
  • List<T>.ToArray() returned an object, not a native array. This broken methods like jQueryUI.autocomplete the type check for an array.
  • Added a missing method signature to
  • Window now implements ILocalFileSystem.
  • Fixed issue 221: List<T>.Sort(Comparison<T> comparison) throws Uncaught TypeError: Object {T} has no method 'Sort$$Comparison$1'
  • Implemented System.Boolean.Parse

SharpKit v5.00.3000

6-Jan-2013  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix inheritance from global type bug (Credit: Alexandre & Eric)
SharpKit SDK
  • Add new NodeJs samples.
  • Update SharpKit.NodeJs
  • Update SharpKit.NodeJs project.
  • Add new jQueryUI samples.
  • Add new NodeJs samples.
  • Update SharpKit.NodeJs
  • Update NodeJs project.
  • Update unit tests

SharpKit v5.00.2000

19-Dec-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Support System.Diagnostics.ConditionalAttribute (Feature requested by: Alon)
  • Fix backing field initializer export when renaming an automatic property, Issue #261 (Credit: Michael)
  • Support compile-time constants (more fixes)
  • Improve metadata inheritance (OmitCasts, etc...)
  • Support compile-time constants
SharpKit SDK
  • jQuery add promise() parameterless overload method, #218 (credit: sergio)
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v5.00.1000

18-Dec-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fixing wrong line break with throw-statement
  • Initialize event fields to null
  • Using !== when UseExactEquals=true
  • Added RightShiftAssign and LeftShiftAssign
  • Fixed two "enumerable: true" on native properties
  • Finished NuGet package creator
  • Fixed syntax error in strict mode when using "throw" keyword in minimized file
  • Fixed syntax error when using "instanceof" in minimized file
  • Fixed OmitCall on non-static methdos
  • Fix VS templates
  • Fix dialog in installer
SharpKit SDK
  • Implemented System.Linq.Enumerable.Single*
  • Implemented indexer in
  • Update SharpKit.NodeJs.
  • Implemented System.Enum.Parse
  • Added indexer to
  • Still some generated files not using verbatims for async.
  • Added a missing method in WebGLRenderingContext.
  • Update SharpKit.NodeJs project.
  • Update SharpKit.NodeJs.
  • Implemented System.Enum.Parse
  • Implemented System.Random
  • Add JsType.Name attribute for SharpKit.Html.Node and XMLHttpRequest
  • Update SharpKit.NodeJs.
  • marked PositionOptions.offset as obsolete
  • added jQuery.uiBackCompat
  • IDL Parser threw NullReferenceException if inherited interface doesn't have any members e.g. CDATASection.
  • Update SharpKit.NodeJs project.
  • Update SharpKit.NodeJs project.
  • Added KeyNotFoundException
  • Added getShaderParameter in WebGLRenderingContext because the signature of the original one is not right.
  • Fix problemsin jQueryUI.
  • Update SharpKit.NodeJs.
  • Update SharpKit.NodeJs (Buffer class).
  • Update all.json file in NodeJs.
  • Add new class in jQueryUI - Menu class.
  • Fix problems in jQuery.
  • Add new project: NodeJs samples.
  • Add jQueryUI samples.
  • Update all.json file in NodeJs.
  • - Fixed KeyValuePair in clr mode.
  • Added generic constructor test
  • Added missing constructors to ArrayViews (Int8Array, Int16Array, Int32Array, Uint8Array, Uint16Array, Uint32Array, Float32Array and Float64Array).
  • Fix events in kendo-UI.
  • Fix events in KendoUI-web.
  • Fix problems in KendoUI
  • Added log4javascript sample : usage and custom appender
  • Initial log4javascript support (incomplete)
  • Fix problems in att-html5Sdk.
  • Add new AttHtml5Sdk samples.
  • Add AT&T HTML5 SDK library support
  • Complete att-html5-sdk at&t Att.Provider library.
  • Add new project: SharpKit.Html5Sdk.
  • Added JSONLoader, MeshFaceMaterial header to SharpKit.Three
  • Added header corrections for TypedArrays and WebSocket
  • Add jQueryUI samples.
  • Update jQueryUI to version 1.9.0
  • Add new jQueryUI samples and missing files.
  • Added WebGLRenderingContext.getUniform and WebGLRenderingContext.getProgramParameter with right signatures in custom.cs of the project 'Html'.
  • Replaced all 'static int' constants by 'const int' in WebGLRenderingContext (because 'static' cannot be used by switch statements).
  • Fix samples to match SharpKit 5.00.0000 (Credit: Olly)
  • Added missing WebSocket send methods
  • Added missing ArrayBuffer constructor
  • JsClr: Add IComparer<T> and removed ToJsFunction() method for delegates (delegates are already functions)
  • LinqJs: Add ToLinqJsEnumerable(this JsArray) helper extension method
  • Fix JsClr Dictionary indexer setter - disable exception when key not found (Credit: Colin)
  • LinqJs: Fix Matches and Range method parameters
SharpKit 4
  • Fix wiki to match Html5 (Credit: Eric)
  • SharpKit 5.00.0000 official release!

SharpKit v5.00.0000

26-Oct-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Finish up new setup
  • Support JsExport.OmitSharpKitHeaderComment
  • Support JsType.GenericArgumentJsCode - which allows to customize the generated code when a type is passed as a generic argument
SharpKit SDK
  • Move and rename SharpKit.Html.Idl to SharpKit.Html (official and default HTML5 library)
  • Migrate all libraries to SharpKit.Html.Idl (HTML5)
  • Adding legacy html4 binaries to SVN (before migrating to Html5)
  • Issue 215: added missing methods in JsArray and JsArray<T>: indexOf, lastIndexOf, valueOf
  • Add JsExport.OmitSharpKitHeaderComment
  • Add JsType.GenericArgumentJsCode
  • Html.Idl - Add JSON class. Wraps stringify and parse methods.
  • Update Kendo-Web: Add Grid actions for: columnResize, columnShow, columnHide, columnReorder
  • Update Kendo-Web:
  • 1) Add select event to Menu
  • 2) Add spinners property to NumericTextBox configuration
  • 3) Update change event on NumericTextBox configuration
  • Add JsArray some() an forEach() methods.
  • Add trim() method to JSString.
  • Add undocument properties in KendoUi-web.
  • Fix Kendo NumericTextBox.change event (Credit: Luke)
  • Added more members to Buffer class in NodeJS
  • starting support NodeJs library 10%done
  • Add ExtContext.create<T>(object config) (credit: kiener)
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v4.30.2000

20-Oct-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • added support for parametric constructors on structs
  • fixed compilation bug in NuGet creator
SharpKit SDK
  • Implemented Dictionary.TryGetValue
  • Added casting between Int32 and System.Single
  • Update jQueryUI.
  • Fix problems in jQuery.
  • Add KendoUI samples.
  • Add jQueryUI samples.
  • Starting support for jQuery UI vr 1.9.0 (20% complete)
  • Added GeometryUtils for Three.js
  • Fixed namespace for several headers
  • Added headers for all Geometry types.
  • Added headers for Curves
  • Added System.IEquatable<T> and System.IComparable<T>
  • Added capacity and IEnumerable ctors to Queue and Stack
  • Add jQueryUI samples.
  • Fix problems in KendoUi-web.
  • Fix problems in KendoUI.
  • Support for EaselJS JavaScript library v0.5.0 completed
  • Add jQueryUI samples.
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v4.30.1000

13-Oct-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix generic bug when using new T()
  • External attributes have now a higher priority as local attributes
  • support for parameterized type reference: func(List<int> list) --> func$$List$1$Int32 instead of func$$List$1
  • Added SharpKit.Sample.cs, and tools
  • Added NuGet package creator
  • Added ones complement '~' operator
  • Fixed NullReferenceExcpetion
  • Support JsType.NativeProperties and JsType.NativePropertiesEnumerable
  • Better inheritance of values between JsType and default JsType in assembly level
  • modified $Inherit method to support properties
  • JsProperty can inherited global ([assembly: JsProperty(...)])
  • Added JsPropertyAttribute.NativePropertyEnumerable, JsTypeAttribute.NativeProperty, JsTypeAttribute.NativePropertyEnumerable
SharpKit SDK
  • Add Raytracer sample - contributed by Nic!
  • added delegate test
  • Fix problems in jQueryUI.
  • Add jQueryUI samples.
  • Fix problems in jQueryUI.
  • Add undocument properties in KendoUI-web.
  • Add undocument properties in KendoUI.
  • Fix problems in jQueryUI samples
  • Add missing propeties to jQuery.
  • Fix problems in KendoUI-web.
  • Fix problems in KendoUI.
  • Add new KendoUI-web samples.
  • Fix Problems in KendoUI-web.
  • Add new KendoUI-web samples.
  • Fix problems in KendoUI-web.
  • Add new KendoUI-web samples.
  • Add missing properties in KendoUI-web.
  • Add KendoUI-web samples.
  • parsing CallWith=ScriptArguments now generates Console class in a better way.
  • - added parsing of members in IDL definition
  • - interpreting CallWith=ScriptArguments as params keyword.
  • Implemented Math.Truncate()
  • added System.Tuple<T, ...> in JsClr project
  • added parsing of "Supplemental"-Attribute in IDL-Files --> partial classes
  • Issue 153: The peek method of Stack<T> is not implemented (JsClr)
  • Confirmed that this has been resolved and added XML documentation.
  • added jQuerx.extend(object target) overloads
  • Regeneration of Html.Idl without date/time
  • Made WebIDLParser more configurable. Removed Date/Time from output files, so SVN will not be flooded on every regeneration of the Html.Idl project.
  • Added requestAnimationFrame (hardware accelerated animation) support.
  • Issue 230: Some Html.Idl elements use incorrect tagName
  • Updated tag name translation table.
  • Issue 230: Some Html.Idl elements use incorrect tagName
  • Updated tag name translation table.
  • Fixes bug in IDL parser in which an endless loop would be entered when an ellipses (...) is encountered.
  • Issue 212: JsClr Dictionary add does not check for duplicate keys
  • Solution: Implemented checks in Add() Remove() and indexer. Added KeyNotFoundException
  • Fix problems in KendoUI-web
  • Add SenchaTouch samples.
  • Add new project: SenchaTouchSamples.
  • Add new project: SenchaTouchSamples.
  • Issue 223: System.Collections.Generic.Queue not implemented
  • SharpKit.JsClr.csproj updated to include Queue<T>
  • Fixes XML comment warnings
  • Implemented System.Object.Equals() and System.Object.GetHashCode() to address compiler warnings.
  • Fix problrms in KendoUI-web.
  • Fix problems in KendoUI.
  • EaselJS 50% done
  • Add KendUI-web samples.
  • Issue 229: SharpKit.jQuery doesn't play nice with SharpKit.Html
  • Forked SharpKit.jQuery as SharpKit.jQuery-Html5.
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v4.30.0000

3-Oct-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Added /AddBuildTarget in skc5.exe for adding sharpkit build target in csproj-files.
  • Implemented Issue 225: Support AstNode and ResolveResult conversion events in plugins
  • Added invocation of native properties. Work in progress.
  • Begin with NativeProperty support. Generating Object.defineProperty statements in prototype mode.
  • constructor-names are now generated correctly in combination with internal constructors.
  • New JsWriter
  • Fix method overload names when containing dynamics
  • Fix dynamic invocation bug
  • Fix missing attribute property (show warning)
SharpKit SDK
  • Fixed a bunch of compiler warnings.
  • Fixes property name conflict for TheMProject.ToggleSwitchView. I removed the one that was not consistent with other event implementations in this module.
  • Issue 224: Use of async as member name in SharpKit.Html prevents C#5.0 compatibility due to keyword collision
  • All instances of "async" as a member or argument name have been replaced with a verbatim (@async) (see C# Language Specification 2.4.2 Identifiers)
  • Issue 223: System.Collections.Generic.Queue not implemented
  • Fix problems in KendoUI-web.
  • Fix problems in KendoUI.
  • Fix problems in jQuery.
  • Add "in" operator in javascript.
  • Add kendoUi-web samples
  • Add missing property in kendoUI-web.
  • Add undocument method in jQuery.
  • fixing kendo.template()
  • added Char.IsDigit()
  • Add kendoUI-web samples.
  • Fix problems in KendoUI-web
  • Fix problems in kendoUI-web
  • Fix problems in kendoUI.
  • Fix problems in kendoUI.
  • Add missing class in KendoUI-web: kendoDraggable
  • Set JsEnumAttribute to AllowMultiple=true (Credit: xAragornx)
  • Add KendoUI samples
  • Fix problems in kendoUI.
  • Add undocument property in KendoUI-web.
  • Add missing property to kendoUI
  • Fix problems in KendoUI-web.
  • Fixing KendoUI - WEB
  • Add missing property in kendoUI
  • Add undocument property in kendoUI-web
  • Fixing KendoUI Framework
  • +Adding the classes: Fx, Node, Draggable, DropTarget and DropTargetArea.
  • Fix problems in Kendo.
  • Add Undocument proprerty in KendoUI-web.
  • Added native property test
  • Update unit-tests (new js formatting)
  • Add more unit-tests
  • Add Undocument properties in Kendo-web
  • Add Undocument property in Kendo-web
  • Add undocument property in KendoUI-web
  • Add KendoUI samples
  • Fix problems in KendoUI
  • Fix problems in KendoUI-web
  • Fix problems KendoUi.web
  • Add undocument property in KendoUI.web
  • Add missing property KendoUI (GridConfiguration).
  • Change JsDate.ctor(int) to JsDate.ctor(long). Added NativeProperty to JsPropertyAttribute.
  • Add KendoUI samples
  • Add KendoUI samples
  • Add kendoUI-web property in GridConfiguration
  • Add jQueryUI samples
  • More DateTime Tweaks. Fixed Number.IsNan --> IsNaN.
  • Add extension in jQueryUI - removeClass
  • Support for The M Project mobile framework completed :-)
  • Added DateTime.ctor$$Int64(), DateTime.Parse$$String()
  • all The-M-Project library (except the events)
  • fixing Hide class in jQueryUI
  • Fix jQueryUIControls error
  • jQuery fixes:
  • jqxhr - support promise, add overrideMimeType
  • ajax() - support ajax(url, [settings])
  • Promise - support done(arg) callback (with typed parameter)
  • Support Linq Skip() and Take() in clr mode
  • Update html.idl library. Removed WebKit stuff. Removed Expception classes (not supported yet)
  • starting support The-M-Project. 40% done
  • Add KnockoutJs plugin sample
  • Made JsClr project "use strict"; compatible.
  • Added JsExport.UseStrict property. When true, "use strict"; will be added on top of every file.
  • support jQuery Mobile 1.1.1 Final
  • avoided arguments.callee
  • Fixed a bug in WebGLRenderingContext ('program' parameters as int while it's supposed to be WebGLProgram).
SharpKit 4
  • Add new libraries in documentation:
  • * TheMProject
  • * Scriptaculous
  • * PrototypeJs
  • * Highcharts
  • * EaselJS (initial)

SharpKit v4.29.9000

18-Sep-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Provide naming utilities for SharpKit plugins
  • More installer tweaks
  • Allow 5000 lines of code in SharpKit Express edition :-)
  • Added support for win8 in manifest file
  • Support file lock skip/retry/abort during installation
  • Prevent 'This program might not have been installed / uninstalled correctly' after installation
  • Prepare new installer
SharpKit SDK
  • Fix some jQueryUI library issues, addClass/removeClass, AutocompleteItem
  • Add more jQueryUI samples
  • Get svn-base version
  • Highcharts- 100% done
  • Change statics to consts in WebGLRenderingContext (Credit: Loic)
  • Added jQueryUI samples
  • Added in jQueryUI- showWeek option in datepickerOption
  • better recursive method
  • Fix WebGLRenderingContext constants (Credit: Loic)
  • Support same dir files in unit tests
  • fixed jQueryUI samples
  • Changed in jQueryUI switchclass to switchClass (capital 'c').
  • Changed jQueryUI toggleclass method to toggleClass (capital 'C')
  • Add JsType attributes to QUnit
  • Fix jQueryUI toggleClass method (support class and duration)
  • Fix jQueryUI Sortable deactivate event - change callback param to UIDraggable (Credit: Michael)
  • added jQueryUI samples
  • More of Highcharts (50% done)
  • Set NativeParams=false on String.Format method (Credit: Alon)
  • More jQuery samples
  • 30% of Highcharts completed
  • Fixed string.replace bug
  • Begin highcharts support
  • Add unit tests
  • More JQueryUI examples
  • Support animate properties in jQuery and jQueryUI
  • Support animate properties in jQuery and jQueryUI
  • added jQueryUI samples
  • OmitCasts --> NativeCasts
  • fixed js error, when using 'is' operator with jquery/arrays
  • Added all JQueryUI events to all options classes
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v4.29.8000

2-Sep-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Support new plugin events: BeforeConvertCsToJsEntity AfterConvertCsToJsEntity, BeforeExit
  • Code cleanups
  • Fix 2 bugs regarding dynamic overload resolution
SharpKit SDK
  • Created C# samples for jQuery UI - draggable
  • Add jQuery ui samples
  • PrototypeJS (not done yet)
  • Begin Prototype js support
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v4.29.7000

31-Aug-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Quickfix method invocation with overloads, when some parameters are dynamic (overload resolution issue)
SharpKit SDK
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v4.29.6000

31-Aug-2012  Download

SharpKit SDK
  • Fix html5 lib errors (due to svn error)
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v4.29.5000

31-Aug-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix dynamic member export bug (Credit: Alon, Michael)
SharpKit SDK
  • Add Michael's reported bugs into unit-tests (fixed)
  • Removed unneeded extra 'region'
  • Added timestamp to headers.
  • Removed unneeded extra 'region'.
  • Removed old files and preparing to move new files to folders.
  • Upgrade to ExtJs 4.1.1 (latest)
  • Now with proper and complete docs!
  • Added latest legacy version of ExtJs 4.0.7
  • Fixed interface implementation.
  • Changed events to methods so parameters gets documented too.
  • repair
  • Begin support
  • Revert migration to html5 (temporarily)
  • added missing jQuery members
  • Added conditional compilation html4/html5
  • SharpKit.Html.Idl --> SharpKit.Html
  • SharpKit.Html --> SharpKit.Html.old
  • added legacy support for html5.idl lib
  • Backbone.js (0.9.2)
  • Added ObjectCloner.cs sample for eric
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v4.29.4000

26-Aug-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix bug with dynamics (Credit: Mike)
  • Disable native image generation by default
  • Fix SharpKit.JavaScript assembly version
SharpKit SDK
  • Fixed to parse ExtJs 4.1.1 sources.
  • Google Chrome Extensions Manifest
  • Google Chrome Extensions completed
  • all Google Chrome Extensions controls except: topSites, tts, ttsEngine, types, webNavigation, webRequest, webstore, windows cpntrols
SharpKit 4
  • Fix skc4 imports file issue

SharpKit v4.29.3000

22-Aug-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Initial compiler plugin support
  • Code cleanups
  • Upgrade Mono.Cecil 9f3c0f88b4a3d7568c689421bae39318f5d49540
  • Upgrade NRefactory aa55c206e0c80a24a9111ae34297949f52c247cb
  • Upgrade Parser
  • Fix backing field and property as field generation and initialization
  • Fix Issue 199: Invalid code generated for nested out parameter
  • Fix attribute values conversion (due to parser change) - now much better :-)
  • Upgrade msbuild integration to msbuild v4 (from v3.5)
  • Add new libraries to SharpKit documentation website
SharpKit SDK
  • 70% of Google Chrome Extensions done
  • Google Chrome Extensions:
  • alarms
  • bookmarks
  • browserAction
  • browsingData
  • contentSettings
  • contextMenus
  • cookies
  • debugger
  • extension
  • 30% of google chrome extensions complete
  • Will drop this folder and modify the folder names on my working copy to reflect the "SharpKit" naming pattern.
  • TinyMCE library updated with the code generator.
  • Begin google chrome extensions api support
  • Refactoring of testrunner, supporting sub directories, added documentation
  • Add unit tests, write file name being compared
  • Commit new samples solution in SDK
  • finished CodeMirror (except the addons methods)
  • Remove samples projects in SDK (moving them to /samples/ folder in a new solution file)
  • Rearrange solution folders (prepare to move samples to a different solution and folder)
  • Move THREE to SharpKit.Three project
  • Begin CodeMirror library support
  • linqJS bugFix
  • XRegExp vr 2.0.0 done
  • Support jQuery 1.8.23 (latest)
  • Supprt jQuery 1.8.0
  • Fix peek() usage in jsclr library
  • QUnit library vr: 1.9.0
  • Begin QUnit support
  • Issue 195: remove peek method of JsArray from Prototype mode
  • Fix Issue 197: JsRegExp native indexer - foreach support
  • Make JsBoolean inherit from JsObjectBase
  • Begin Linq.js support
  • Begin arshaw FullCalendar
  • SignalR
  • Begin SignalR library support
  • Fix TinyMCE generated code and SharpKit sample
  • Moved ExtJs4 code generator into open-source SDK :-)

SharpKit v4.29.2000

9-Aug-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix compiler crash for unknown attributes (SRDescriptionAttribute)

SharpKit v4.29.1000

9-Aug-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix CreateNativeImage cache file to be stored in appdata for non-admin users
SharpKit SDK
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v4.29.0000

9-Aug-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Optimize SharpKit by automatically creating a NativeImage (using ngen.exe) upon first run - can be disabled by app.config
  • Fixed exception when using OmitCalls at certain situations (Credit: Jeronimo)
  • Fix parallel compilation thread culture
  • Fix event registration using add/remove accessors
  • Fix NativeField property detection when using global assembly JsTypeAttribute
SharpKit SDK
  • KendoUI.Web bug fix
  • KendoUI.Web
  • KendoUI.Web.TabStrip, TimePicker
  • KendoUI.Web.Splitter
  • KendoUI.Web.Slider
  • Kendo UI.Web.RangeSlider
  • Kendo UI web library (AutoComplete, Calendar, ComboBox, DatePicker, DateTimePicker, DropDownList, Editor, Grid)
  • Begin KendoUI Web library
  • Kendo UI Framework DONE
  • kendoUI Events and Fields
  • Changed to MIT license (= the most flexible one, without any restrictions)
  • New w3 html5 library, parsed from IDL files from webkit. Parser is included. Author: Sebastian Loncar,
  • kendo Framework
  • KineticJS update
  • Begin KendoUI support
  • Begin KendoUI support
  • Changed HtmlDocument and HtmlElemnt events from JsAction to EventListener (official w3 specification)
  • Jquery update
  • fix Jquery APIs
  • Fix missing ctor in clr mode (for new T() fix)
  • KineticJS DONE, waiting for fix
  • Kinetic update
  • KineticJS update
  • KineticsJS Container library
  • KineticJs Node library fix
  • KineticJS Node library
  • Begin support for KineticJs
  • Remove PhoneGap un-needed references
  • Add Events to PhoneGap
  • PhoneGap Accelerometer finished
  • Cleanup PhoneGap TODOs (code review by Dan-el)
  • Finalize PhoneGap library and adapt to SharpKit (add proper SharpKit attributes)
  • Phonegap done
  • corrected CSSStyle IDL API
  • more of Phonegap 16.7.12
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v4.28.9000

16-Jul-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix new T() in clr mode
  • Fix generic type parameters and generic method arguments to pass .ctor as generic parameters
SharpKit SDK
  • Fix clr mode typeof() to support ctor parameters as well as names and JsTypes

SharpKit v4.28.8000

15-Jul-2012  Download

SharpKit SDK
  • More of PhoneGap
  • Disable operator overloads for delegates (use native)

SharpKit v4.28.7000

13-Jul-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix event bug (Credit: Sebastian)
  • More accurate error handling in clr member export error

SharpKit v4.28.6000

12-Jul-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix Mono.Cecil version bug

SharpKit v4.28.5000

12-Jul-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Upgrade C# parser
  • Add $baseType when inheriting in native mode
  • Support operator overloads, to use native overloads, set NativeOperatorOverloads=true
SharpKit SDK
  • New implementation for Linq iterators
  • Add NativeOperatorOverloads=true on native types (now supported)
  • Initial checkin for PhoneGap library (not completed yet)
  • Raphael done
  • Signed the NestedSortable project.
  • Added the 'isAllowed' behavior of NestedSortable.
  • Added better dialog button support in jQuery UI (Credit: OrdinaryAverageGuy)
  • Add instanceof method overload
  • Support native 'instanceof' in clr mode 'Is' util method
  • Add Martjin's clr mode test project - thanks Martjin!
  • Added support for the nestedSortable jQueryUI plugin from
  • Added Size class needed by UIResizable.
  • Added UIAccordion, UIDroppable, UIResizable, UIResizable, UISlider and UITabs for use in the jQueryUI callbacks.

SharpKit v4.28.4000

5-Jul-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Redirect compiler error to proper file when parsing fails
  • Copy err.message when using CreateException with native error as a parameter
  • Support JsType.NativeCasts
  • Improved 'strict mode' support: changed all conditional injections to use 'var' declaration, and prototype based classes with a single name to use it as well.
  • Fixed code injection dependency bug (when used with JsExport.CodeInjectionFilename option)
SharpKit SDK
  • Added UISortable for all sortable callbacks in jQueryUI (Code donated by: Michael) thanks!
  • Add ClrModeSamples, ExtJsSamples, jQuerySamples, NodeJsApiGenerator
  • Initial NodeJs API (generated - not to be used yet)
  • Added UIDraggable event ui object, and added typed jQueryEvent<T> delegate (Credit: Michael)
  • Fix ExtContext.create<T>() method
  • Add JsType.NativeCasts
  • add NativeCasts=true on all primitive JavaScript types (Array, Object, Number, Boolean, Date, etc...)
  • Arguments.Contains = function(arguments, object) --> Arguments.Contains = function(args, object)

SharpKit v4.28.3000

30-Jun-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Support smart exception throwing using code injection "$CreateException". (Credit: Sebastian)
  • Fix native inheritance class order when used in conjuction with OrderInFile in other classes
  • Fix strict mode copliance (added var) in both namespace declaration and global JsTypes variable declaration
  • Fix custom struct initialization (perform new)
  • Fix field initializers when used in nested generic types
  • Added return statement for inner closure when using ref and out parameters
SharpKit SDK
  • Recompile with smart exception throwing
  • Add JsNativeError class, and JsType.IsNativeError option, to allow skip smart exception throwing
  • Issue 156: Fix stackoverflow when using Linq extension method Contains
  • Issue 161-Contains method of array not working
  • * Added overloads for Contains in CoreEx.js

SharpKit v4.28.2000

22-Jun-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix automatic property detection in referenced assemblies (Credit: Michael)
  • Fix typo in the build error message when a global flagged class has non-static methods
  • Improve manfiest change detection
  • Fix double embedding of resources when recompiling a skipped assembly
  • Fix CodeInjectionFile when used in JsMergedFile
SharpKit SDK
  • Added support for String.Format with 3 arguments
  • Implement peek of stack.cs
  • Added Test project for JsClr.
  • View Test.htm to get test results or run batch file (does output for teamcity)
  • Fix Enumerable.Count() Linq extension method in JsClr mode (Credit:Colin)
SharpKit 4
  • Fix typo in the build error message when a global flagged class has non-static methods

SharpKit v4.28.1000

16-Jun-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix empty statements in for loop (Credit: Colin)
  • Fixed compound assignments in properties: -=, /=, *= (Credit: Colin)
  • Fix 'this' context when using ref/out parameters
SharpKit SDK
  • Fixed Name of XMLHttpRequest
  • Added default constructor for TimeSpan
  • Fix of System.Object.Equals method
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v4.28.0000

13-Jun-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Support JsEmbeddedResourceAttribute - allow embedding SharpKit resources into the compiled assembly
  • Support Dynamics
  • Import JsAttributes from SDK
  • Prepare to import JsAttributes from SDK
  • Streamline js attributes
SharpKit SDK
  • Implement EmbeddedResourceHandler in SharpKit.Web
  • Split JsAttributes into a different cs file
  • Add JsEmbeddedResourceAttribute
  • Basic implementation of JsNumber and JsString to work also in C# server-side code
  • Rename SDK documentation files from .XML to .xml
  • Add JsAttributes documentation
  • Support nullables and custom logic in all SharpKit JsAttributes to allow metadata read in runtime
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v4.27.9000

11-Jun-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Support ref and out parameters!

SharpKit v4.27.8000

10-Jun-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Disable property as field initialization when export=false

SharpKit v4.27.7000

9-Jun-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Support initialization of properties as native fields
  • Fix sourcemap to generate only when attribute is applied
  • Support JsType.PrototypeName - allows customizing the 'prototype' token in js functions - useful in jQuery plugin authoring

SharpKit v4.27.6000

7-Jun-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix SourceMaps to support multiple js files for C# debugging in Google Chrome
  • Upgrade parser
  • Add source map warning
  • Fix RemoveDelegate support code (possible null reference exception when removing delegate from an empty delegate) - Credit: Alon
  • Supporting showing parser warnings and errors
SharpKit SDK
  • * removed addclass
  • * SliderOptions have now JsNumber type
  • * added constructor to HtmlAudioElement
  • Fix RemoveDelegate in clr mode
  • Added jQuery plugin sample
  • Added clr mode sample (ClrModeSamples project)

SharpKit v4.27.5000

31-May-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix DivideAssign and ModuluAssign ('/=','%=')
  • Support JsExport.DefaultFilenameAsCsFilename
  • Fix logging format bug
SharpKit SDK
  • Support JsExport.DefaultFilenameAsCsFilename
  • Added HtmlElementStyle.clip in Html4 (Credit: Franck)
  • Fix ToString of JsClr enum types (Credit: Alon)
SharpKit 4
  • Fix activation

SharpKit v4.27.4000

25-May-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix custom struct initialization bug
SharpKit SDK
  • updating Backbone sample to have mimic the Todos sample, but still not functional
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v4.27.3000

23-May-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Improve debug logging
  • Fix base constructor calls when base class is generic closed typed - class MyList : List<object>
  • Fix error message output bug
  • Support JsProperty.Global
SharpKit SDK
  • Support JsProperty.Global - allow static properties to be global (without type name)
  • Added constructors for jQuery - new jQuery("#myButton") -> $("myButton")
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v4.27.2000

21-May-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fixed error message when file not found using JsMergedAttribute
SharpKit SDK
  • added JsArray.concat overload
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v4.27.1000

18-May-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Add debug logging options in skc5.exe configuration - EnableLogging=true

SharpKit v4.27.0000

17-May-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix JsMethod(Code="...") bug

SharpKit v4.26.9000

17-May-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Support C# debugging using Source maps v3
  • New line-based indented code writer
  • Add C# to JavaScript AST node link
  • Support JavaScript AST node begin and end location
  • Add SharpKit.Web.dll to installer (for C# debugging - SourceMaps feature)
SharpKit SDK
  • Add JsExport.GenerateSourceMaps property
  • Add SharpKit Source Maps sample
  • Added empty project for Backbone.js

SharpKit v4.26.8000

14-May-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Support JsCode literal
  • Fix base ctor calls when using generic type arguments

SharpKit v4.26.7000

14-May-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fixed ParentMethod resolving
  • Fixed base property and indexer access

SharpKit v4.26.6000

11-May-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix jsstring escaping bug (Credit: Michael)
SharpKit SDK
  • added jQuery.createElement(string tagName). It's a shorthand for $(document.createElement(tagName)).
  • added jQuery-constructor with OmitNewOperator. c#-syntax: new jQuery(expression), js-output: $(expression). Credit: Sebastian
  • * added append(object)
  • * fixed append(handler)
  • Remove out and ref params methods from JsClr
SharpKit 4

SharpKit v4.26.5000

11-May-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Support JsType,JsMethod SharpKitVersion conditional attribute
SharpKit SDK
  • Add SharpKitVersion property in JsType and JsMethod attributes
SharpKit 4
  • Support SharpKitVersion in JsMethod and JsType for conditional SharpKit version metadata

SharpKit v4.26.4000

10-May-2012  Download

SharpKit 5
  • Fix JsArray initializer bug
  • Fix js formatting for switch cases
  • Fix JsonInitializer bug
  • Support dynamics
  • Add line break after continue statement
  • Fix attribute export in clr mode
  • Fix indexer setters access
  • Support JsMethod.JsonInitializers for constructors
  • Support JsExport.UseExactEquals
  • Re-enable JsArray, and JsArray<T> json array initializers - new JsArray<string> {"a","b","c"}
  • Add JsString.slice, disable JsArray collection initializers (temporarily)
  • Change namespace of YUI
SharpKit SDK
  • RxJS: add rx.experimental.js support
  • RxJS: add rx.joinpatterns.js support
  • RxJS: add Rx.Observable.start methods
  • RxJS: corrected some Js- attributes
  • RxJS: add rx.coincidence.js support
  • SharpKit.RxJS updated to support RxJS 2.0 Beta API
  • Add JsExport.UseExactEquals

SharpKit v4.26.2000

5-May-2012  Download

  • Support JsMethod.OmitNewOperator

SharpKit v4.26.1000

5-May-2012  Download

  • Support YUI framework (using generator)

SharpKit v4.26.0000

4-May-2012  Download

SharpKit SDK
  • Add several KnockoutUtils (ko.utils) methods
  • Made DependentObservable and ObservableArray derived from Observable; Added knockout-2.0.0 related functionality
  • Add KnockoutJs (v2.0.0) project
  • Add NativeParams in attributes
  • Fix JsDate ctors
  • Avoid params conflict in some methods (JsArray, JsArray<T>)
SharpKit 5
  • Support JsExportAttribute.CodeInjectionFilename
  • Fix string literal escaping
  • Fix += and -= in delegates
  • Fix generic members external metadata
  • Fix header injection

SharpKit v4.25.9000

28-Apr-2012  Download

SharpKit v4.25.7000

28-Apr-2012  Download

  • Add JSON.stringify methods to Html4 library

SharpKit v4.25.6000

24-Apr-2012  Download

  • Fix inheritance class order in prototype mode

SharpKit v4.25.5000

24-Apr-2012  Download

  • initial commit of Three.js bindings for SharpKit. Small example project included - Still needs a lot of classes, properties and methods to be added
  • Fix inheritance class order in prototype mode

SharpKit v4.25.4000

20-Apr-2012  Download

  • Fixed inheritance class order in prototype mode (Credit: Alon)

SharpKit v4.25.3000

19-Apr-2012  Download

  • Fix bug in RemoveDelegate (Credit: Alon)
  • Partially implement Enumerable.Contains(Comparer)
  • added Math.Round(num, digits). Credits: Sebastian
  • Fix base ctor to use callParent() in ExtJs mode

SharpKit v4.25.2000

9-Apr-2012  Download

  • Fix instance context when using += in event members

SharpKit v4.25.1000

9-Apr-2012  Download

  • Added Console
  • Added Console
  • base method call fix
  • Omit casts by default on Json mode classes

SharpKit v4.25.0000

8-Apr-2012  Download

  • Fix base method calls bug (Credit: Johan)

SharpKit v4.24.9000

4-Apr-2012  Download

  • Fix event registration bug

SharpKit v4.24.8000

3-Apr-2012  Download

  • Add CSSStyleSheet and related classes to Html4 library (Credit:Alon)
  • Added JsArray.Add method (for collection initializers) (Credit:Alon)
  • Fix JsProperty.Name and JsField.Name in Json mode (Credit:Alon)

SharpKit v4.24.7000

27-Mar-2012  Download

  • Fix knockout utils js class name (Credit: Roger)
  • Fix jQGrid to work as an assembly reference
  • Added DialogOptions.create option (Credit: Yaniv)
  • Support JsType.OmitDefaultConstructor (Default true in ExtJs mode)
  • Support ExtJs callParent()
  • Remove @ from 'Generated by SharpKit' js file header comment
  • Support JsProperty as external metadata (TargetProperty)
  • Support JsMethod args and commas customization
  • Initial NoClr mode support - add reference to SharpKit.JavaScript.NoClr and use Dictionary and List in native mode (partial support)

SharpKit v4.24.6000

7-Mar-2012  Download

  • Added TimeSpan support for clr mode
  • Added DateTime.Subtract support
  • Added MethodInfo.IsStatic and GetProperty(name, bindingFlags) overload
  • Fix Html5.WebGLRenderingContext constants to be instance constants (Credit: Damien)
  • Fix issue 109: JsField(Export=false) does not work in some cases

SharpKit v4.24.5000

4-Mar-2012  Download

  • Support HashSet and Dictionary with IEqualityComparer
  • Initial support for IEqualityComparer and StringComparer.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase
  • Fix in html5 library: typo in HtmlDocument.uRL, bad casing... (credit:Johan)
  • Implement HashSet<T> in jsclr
  • change SharpKit.Html.EventListener class to delegate (HTML5)
  • Change HtmlElement.attachEvent signature to return boolean (credit: Hari)
  • Support IJsArrayEnumerable interface
  • Support foreach on jQuery objects
  • Fix signature
  • Add an HTML5 canvas example in C# using SharpKit
  • Fix Linq.Select wrong js method name (Credit: Alexey)
  • Fix ValueType js compilation bug (Credit: Justin)
  • Fix function parameters - JsFunc instead of JsAction (Credit: Alexey)
  • Support server-side C# to JavaScript method binding - SharpKit.JavaScript.Server.Js helper class
  • Add AjaxStatus to jQuery.ajax.complete event
  • Support JsNamespaceAttribute - global js namespace replacement assembly attribute
  • Added JsString.replace(strOrRegEx, replacerFunc) method (Credit: AlexVN)
  • Add semicolon after function definition
  • Support JsNamespaceAttribute
  • Fix activation caching bug
  • Support comments export (assembly:JsExport(ExportComments=true)
  • Fix typeof() when used with generic types (e.g. List<int>) (Credit: Johan)

SharpKit v4.24.3000

1-Feb-2012  Download

  • New! Extend SharpKit Express to 2500 lines of code per project, woohoo!
  • jQuery.attr do not accept Map-Object(css). Added AttrMap now.
  • Draggable & Droppable with better function signatures.
  • accept all kind of values, not only JsObject.
  • Add SharpKit.ExtJs (latest version) - move files into folders by namespaces
  • Added ApplicationConfig launch and some component and config base inhertiance hierarchy so that intellisense works with inherited properties...
  • Fixed System.Type.GetProperty js method name (Credit: Johan)
  • Merge two ExtClass classes from different namespaces (Credit: Tolga)
  • Fix up RaphaelJs library
  • Support sorting on SharpKit Grid Sample
  • Fix JsArray.sort signature and documentation
  • Add JsString > and < operators
  • Add JsArray.slice overload
  • Fix JsProperty.Name for method getters and setters
  • Fix missing mscorlib in Visual Studio 2008
  • Fix struct initialization bug (Parser update)

SharpKit v4.24.2000

17-Jan-2012  Download

  • Make InlineFields=false for native modes - all instance/static fields will be moved to constructor or static constructor by default, this will enforce correct order of declarations
  • Struct export bug fix
  • ExtJs fixes
  • Fix instance creation in ExtJs mode (Credit: Jeronimo)
  • Fix ExtJs define constructor typo (Credit: Jeronimo)
  • Fix Ext.define typo (Credit: Jeronimo)
  • Fix dynamics bug (Credit: Mauricio)

SharpKit v4.24.1000

16-Jan-2012  Download

  • Move all unknown classes into Ext.Unknown namespace
  • Fix warnings in ExtJs
  • Fix ExtJs Mode base class declaration

SharpKit v4.24.0000

16-Jan-2012  Download

  • Fix JsProperty.Name bug (when name contains dots)
  • Fix ExtJs mode bug

SharpKit v4.23.9000

11-Jan-2012  Download

  • Update from jQuery-1.6.4.cs original file, remove 1.6.4 project to avoid confusion
  • Fix AjaxSettings.dataFilter property type (credit: Yaniv)
  • Initial Support for JsMode.ExtJs!
  • Added css border radius property (credit: Johan)
  • Added ExtJsCompiler - runtime converter into ExtJs native type
  • Added Double.IsNan support, added Math class into merged file (credit: Johan)
  • Added Double.PositiveInfinity and NegativeInfinity (credit: Johan)
  • Added opacity property (credit: Johan)
  • Fix static ctor position in prototype mode
  • Support non-cached delegates for anonymous methods

SharpKit v4.23.8000

30-Dec-2011  Download

  • Add RxJS library
  • Merge HtmlScriptElement and HtmlScript
  • Support usage of HtmlElement constructors - new HtmlDiv() -> document.createElement('div')
  • Implement SharpKit.Html4.Elements namespace - new DIV() -> document.createElement('div')
  • Fix Number casting to Double / Decimal (Credit: Johan)
  • add custom constructors for html elements that translate to proper document.createElement code - requires SharpKit 4.23.8000
  • Support new HtmlTextNode("my text"), and new TEXT("my text") -> document.createTextNode('my text')
  • Add HtmlElement.AppendChilds phantom collection to support appendChild syntax in html element collection initializers (cool!)
  • Support JsMethod.OmitNewOperator for constructors - in order to support 'new HtmlDiv()' syntax
  • Add SDK zip file download in documentation site for each library
  • Support JsMethod.OmitNewOperator (for constructors)
  • Fix nested object initializer without new
  • Update parser (minor bugfixes)
  • Add Wiki support, migrate to wiki format in learning section on site.

SharpKit v4.23.7000

23-Dec-2011  Download

  • Added jQuery.query (query string plugin) library support
  • Add jQueryUI position extension - contributed by Nadav from, thanks!
  • Remove double int32 toString implementation
  • Fix syntax error in jsclr.js
  • Sort members in jQuery 1.6.4 and put in regions
  • Add EventsMap to jQuery 1.6 - for using with the bind() method
  • jQuery 1.7 initial implementation (auto generated)
  • Remove Map object from jQuery 1.6.4, add jqXHR
  • Modify jsclr type declarations to be more chrome profiler compatible
  • Add automatic activation
  • Fix extension methods when used as delegates
  • Implement /CheckForNewVersion option on skc4.exe
  • Add check for new version shortcut in setup
  • Fix css caching bug on site
  • Add a "Check for new version" page

SharpKit v4.23.5000

13-Dec-2011  Download

  • JsError now inherits from Exception, and hides all base properties
  • Support inheritance in prototype mode! - to disable inheritance, set JsType.OmitInheritance=true
  • Add JsTypeAttribute.OmitInheritance
  • Map Array.Length to js array length
  • Add System.dll reference (for hiding .NET members on native types)
  • Optimize namespace verification (remove doubles)
  • Support InlineFields=false in prototype mode - when set to false, fields will be declared in constructor body.
  • Fix generic arrays resolving bug
  • Improve error notifications to Visual Studio

SharpKit v4.23.4000

10-Dec-2011  Download

  • Refactor some code to match new native array enumerators
  • Support JsPropertyAttribute.Name
  • Hide System.Object members in native js types (hide from intellisense)
  • Create JsObjectBase as a base object for all primitives (has no this[] indexer)
  • Fix for end else statements indentations for single statements
  • Optimize NativeArrayEnumerator - cache target array when needed
  • Move array item assignment to for loop, instead of in seperate line
  • Fix array foreach to native array enumerator - object[] will resolve to Array type from now on instead of object type.
  • Update licensing
  • Add date to versions in ReleaseNotes

SharpKit v4.23.3000

7-Dec-2011  Download

  • JsCompiler code cleanups
  • Add String.IsNullOrEmpty()
  • Change all needed parameters from JsObject to object
  • Add JsContextBase - recommended to use when using as a base class
  • Move SharpKit.W3C and SharpKit.Html5 to Obsolete solution folder, latest Html5 assembly is now SharpKit.Html
  • Remove JsArray and JsArray<T> inheritance for better type checking
  • Implement new library (not a wrapper...) SharpKit.Html.Linq - HtmlElement.Descendents() + Elements() have been implemented, does NOT require Clr mode. :-)
  • Add NativeArrayEnumerator=true to JsArguments class, now it is possible to iterate function arguments using foreach
  • Fix wrong derived js function name (base_method resolving bug)
  • Add foreach -> for array length caching (when using NativeArrayEnumerator)

SharpKit v4.23.2000

6-Dec-2011  Download

  • Add JsTypes enum, and JsContext.JsTypeOf method
  • Add FuncOf, ActionOf, NativeFuncOf and NativeActionOf to make method referencing easier
  • * changed jQuery.isArray(JsObject obj) to jQuery.isArray(object obj)
  • * removed post-build-event, otherwise it was unpossible to modify the cs-file(was overwritten every time after compiling).
  • Remove versioned jQuery/ui assemblies from setup, legacy files are still be available in SVN, use latest versions assemblies instead: SharpKit.jQuery.dll + SharpKit.jQueryUI.dll
  • Modify CreateDelegate system function not to use arguments.callee

SharpKit v4.23.1000

2-Dec-2011  Download

  • Add mapping between .NET and Js types:
  • Object.ToString -> toString()
  • String.ToUpper/ToLower -> toUpperCase()
  • String.IndexOf/LastIndexOf -> indexOf()
  • String[int] -> charAt(int)
  • String.Length = length
  • String.Trim -> trim()
  • String.Substring -> substr()
  • --> Documentation:
  • * Added alias for HtmlImageElement ("Image")
  • * Renamed Html.Event to Html.DOMEvent (name collision with jQuery.Event)
  • * Renamed Html.Exception to Html.BaseException (name collision with System.Exception)
  • * Renamed partial Html.HTMLDocument to Html.HtmlDocument, to combining was corrected(and with it, the inheritance)
  • * Renamed partial Html.HTMLImageElement to Html.HtmlImageElement, to combining was corrected(and with it, the constructor)
  • * Renamed Html.HtmlElement.innerHtml to Html.HtmlElement.innerHTML (there's to JsProperty.Name to solve it)
  • * Updated W3C.jQuery and W3C.jQueryUI to new Html assembly.
  • Added SharpKit.Html project - HTML5 (+4) contributed by Sebastian Loncar
  • Update SharpKit.W3C.DOM (HTML5) library - regenerate code using Sebastian's parser, convert interfaces to classes
  • Fix JsNumber toString(radix) issue in Clr mode (Credit: Sebastian)
  • Support JsMethod.OmitOptionalParameters and JsType.OmitOptionalParameters
  • Code review / cleanups
  • W3C.DOM-Version of jQuery & jQueryUI - no HTML4/HTML5 Assemblies are needed.
  • Introducing SharpKit.Html library - latest HTML5 (+4) implementation according to W3C. Contributed by Sebastian
  • Cleanup metadata search algorithms
  • Fix JsCode when using verbatim string and multiline
  • Support JsType.IgnoreGenericMethodArguments
  • Support JsMethod attribute inheritance from virtual/override methods
  • Support JsMethod.OmitOptionalParameters and JsType.OmitOptionalParameters
  • Support nested classes
  • Fix JsField(Name='xx') for enum valures

SharpKit v4.23.0000

25-Nov-2011  Download

  • Add custom attribute support in CLR mode (for classes, methods and properties)
  • Support js export errors file view in Visual Studio
  • Fix OmitCalls=true on static methods
  • Support JsField(Export=false) on enum members
  • Add custom target folder option during setup

SharpKit v4.22.9000

25-Nov-2011  Download

  • Add OmitParanthases on JsContext.@return method
  • Fix parent method resolving bug (credit: Sebastian)
  • Fix namespace within namespace type export bug

SharpKit v4.22.8000

22-Nov-2011  Download

  • Fix parameters on jQuery @delegate and live methods
  • Add JsCode type
  • SharpKit support for jsUndoable library (Contributed by: Nadav)
  • Added missing jQuery.Event properties
  • Fix Export=false on JsProperty when used on properties, and on JsMethod attributes when used on property getters/setters
  • Add inline method Js Code support - JsContext.JsCode("alert()") => alert()
  • Fix implicit name bug and getter bug in Anonymous as Json objects
  • Support JsFieldAttribute
  • Fix properties with custom getters/setters in Global mode (weren't rendered)
  • Fix ForceDelegatesAsNativeFunctions=true when used as implicit method delegate reference
  • Fix catch(){throw;} statements

SharpKit v4.22.7000

13-Nov-2011  Download

  • Add online C# to JavaScript converter to SharpKit website
  • Added some undocumented overloads for deferred functions in jQuery
  • Add missing jQuery.Event properties
  • Add online code converter
  • Optimize Js: remove delegate support header code when not needed

SharpKit v4.22.6000

9-Nov-2011  Download

  • Overloaded each and indexOf
  • Fix array assignment bug (Credit: Johan)

SharpKit v4.22.5000

8-Nov-2011  Download

  • ExtJs
    • * Ext.AbstractComponent.cs *
    • Added itemId property.
    • * End Ext.AbstractComponent.cs *
    • * Ext.Base.cs *
    • Overloaded callParent with parameterless call.
    • * End Ext.Base.cs *
  • Implement OutputGeneratedJsFile command line option
  • Fix array casting
  • msbuild integration fix (minor)
  • Fix overloading suffix for generic parameters in methods

SharpKit v4.22.4000

7-Nov-2011  Download

  • Add === and !== method extensions - ExactEquals, ExactNotEquals
  • Change delete operator method return type to bool (Credit: Sebastian)
  • Fix base member calls (Credit: Sebastian)
  • ExtJs Fixes
    • Added two arguments, for a total of six now, to:
    • JsAction
    • JsFunc
    • JsNativeAction
    • JsNativeFunc
    • Added: Ext.selection.CellModel, it was missing.
    • Changed array type to <HtmlElement> in Ext namespace.
    • * Ext.AbstractComponent.cs *
    • Changed return type of getEl() to Element instead of object.
    • Added id field.
    • Overloaded on method with common use cases.
    • Overloaded update method with common use cases.
    • Overloaded disable method.
    • * End Ext.AbstractComponent.cs *
    • * Ext.AbstractManager.cs *
    • Changed get method to static (all methods there should be static, its the base for a couple singletons in Ext)
    • * End Ext.AbstractManager.cs *
    • * *
    • Added refs and views fields.
    • * End *
    • * Ext.Base.cs *
    • Added parameterless callOverridden.
    • Added create and implement methods.
    • * End Ext.Base.cs *
    • * Ext.Component.cs *
    • Added show and toFront parameterless overrides.
    • * End Ext.Component.cs *
    • * Ext.ComponentQuery.cs *
    • Changed to return type of query method to JsArray<Ext.Component>.
    • * End Ext.ComponentQuery.cs *
    • * Ext.cs *
    • Overloaded apply.
    • Overloaded create.
    • Overloaded define.
    • Changed parameter in each to System.Delegate to make it more generic.
    • Overloaded each.
    • Changed return type of getBody to Element.
    • Overloaded isEmpty.
    • Changed @namespace and ns to take params JsString[] instead of 3 each.
    • Changed the signature of @override from: public static object @override(object cls, object overrides) to: public static object @override(object overrides){return null;}
    • Overloaded require.
    • Changed return type of urlAppend to JsString.
    • Added public static direct.Provider Direct property to access the singleton.
    • * End Ext.cs *
    • * *
    • Added property data of type JsObject, its private in Ext but its widely used.
    • * End *
    • * *
    • Changed return type of add to JsArray<>.
    • Overloaded load.
    • Overloaded queryBy.
    • Overloaded sum.
    • * End *
    • * *
    • Changed base type from Ext.Base to Ext.EventObject
    • * End *
    • * *
    • Overloaded on method.
    • * End *
    • * Ext.EventObject.cs *
    • Changed all static methods to instance.
    • Overloaded getTarget.
    • Changed return type of stopEvent to void.
    • Added message property.
    • * End Ext.EventObject.cs *
    • * Ext.FocusManager.cs *
    • Overloaded enable method.
    • * End Ext.FocusManager.cs *
    • * Ext.grid.feature.Feature.cs *
    • Added ftype property.
    • * End Ext.grid.feature.Feature.cs *
    • *Ext.grid.plugin.Editing.cs *
    • Changed parameter types of startEdit to object.
    • * End Ext.grid.plugin.Editing.cs *
    • * Ext.selection.Model.cs *
    • Overloaded deselectAll method.
    • * End Ext.selection.Model.cs *
    • * Ext.util.AbstractMixedCollection.cs *
    • Overloaded add method.
    • * End Ext.util.AbstractMixedCollection.cs *
    • * Ext.util.MixedCollection.cs *
    • Added items property.
    • * End Ext.util.MixedCollection.cs *
    • * Ext.window.MessageBox.cs *
    • Changed all statics to instance methods.
    • Overloaded alert.
    • * End Ext.window.MessageBox.cs *
    • * Ext.XTemplate.cs *
    • Added new constructor that takes params object[].
    • * End Ext.XTemplate.cs *
    • * Missing.cs *
    • Added convenience properties:
    • public static Ext.window.MessageBox Msg { get; set; }
    • And
    • public static Ext.window.MessageBox MessageBox { get; set; }
    • * End Missing.cs *
    • * Unknown.cs *
    • Added: mask, unmask, highlight and query methods to Element.
    • * End Unknown.cs *
    • Added request method as static (Ext.Ajax is a singleton)

SharpKit v4.22.3000

6-Nov-2011  Download

  • Fix conditional statements - remove empty semicolons when not needed (Credit: Jeronimo)
  • Fix double format of FilenameFormat attribute (Credit: Sebastian)

SharpKit v4.22.2000

3-Nov-2011  Download

  • Support InlineFields when PropertiesAsFields
  • Preserve members order in CLR mode

SharpKit v4.22.1000

3-Nov-2011  Download

  • Support JsType.InlineFields - declare fields inline and don't move them to constructor (credit: Jeronimo)
  • Add JsContext.@null (credit: Jeronimo)
  • Add missing parameters in jQuery UI events (Credit: Daniel)
  • Define AllowMultiple=true on JsMethodAttribute (Credit: Jeronimo)
  • Optimize multiple typeof(JsTypes) calls in Clr mode (Credit: Jeronimo)
  • Fix NativeJsons=true when used in fields (Credit: Jeronimo)
  • Improve function and json formatting (Credit: Sebastian)
  • Fix SharpKit metadata optimized away bug

SharpKit v4.22.0000

31-Oct-2011  Download

  • Fix wrong default js filename '.js' instead of '[assemblyname].js'
  • New feature: JsTypeAttribute/JsMethodAttribute ForceDelegatesAsNativeFunctions option
  • Update SharpKit Web Application Project template to use latest jQuery

SharpKit v4.21.9000

29-Oct-2011  Download

  • Update jquery assembly versions, remove jQuery.UI namespace (move to jQuery namespace)
  • Move JsClr-4.1.0 into JsClr project
  • Create 'latest version' projects of SharpKit interface assemblies, e.g.: SharpKit.jQuery - these will contain the latest version of a certain library
  • Add XmlHttpRequest documentation
  • Support OmitDotOperator,
  • Support JavaScript 'instanceof' operator as a C# extension method
  • Updated C# parser
  • Fix DefaultFilename and JsMergedFile to not be affected by FilenameFormat
  • Add JsClr latest version to online documentation (to preserve a permanant url)
  • Limited support for OmitDotOperator

SharpKit v4.21.8000

27-Oct-2011  Download

  • Fix jQuery.effect method (Credit: Sebastian)
  • Add jQuery.Promise constructor and static method creator
  • Add jQuery 1.6.4 support
  • Add jQuery.Event method
  • Add document.forms collection to HtmlDocument (Credit: Sebastian)
  • Fix HtmlContext in Html5 (Credit: Sebastian)
  • Fix errors in activation and in compiler when running without administrative priveleges
  • Add jQuery 1.6.4, knockoutJs, and SenchaTouch 2 to setup
  • Fix params parameter call
  • Optimize optional parameter implementation, and fix ExtensionMethodImplementedInInstance when applicable
  • Add full support for optional / named parameters, including default value

SharpKit v4.21.7000

22-Oct-2011  Download

  • Support static ctors and static field initializers in JsClr mode
  • Add monitoring
  • Fix NativeOverloads=false in global mode
  • Fix inconsistent line endings

SharpKit v4.21.6000

18-Oct-2011  Download

  • Add JsNodeType on JsNode for visitors
  • Allow prototype mode base types for Clr mode classes
  • Add SharpKit version to generated files
  • Fix minor json format
  • Support default assembly JsTypeAttribute
  • Support JsExportAttribute.DefaultJsFile and FilenameFormat
  • Add OmitCasts to all native delegates
  • Fix jsclr4.1.0 output folders
  • Fix AspNetAjax Bounds.Y to non capital y
  • Support JsMethodAttribute.OmitParentheses
  • Support JsExportAttribute DefaultFilename and FilenameFormat
  • Support global assembly default JsTypeAttribute to apply on ALL classes when defined

SharpKit v4.21.5000

16-Oct-2011  Download

  • Fix omit casts for As/Is expressions
  • Fix generic ctors :this() calls in clr mode (Credit: Sebastian)

SharpKit v4.21.4000

15-Oct-2011  Download

  • Fix ctor :this() call bug (credit: Sebastian)
  • Fix omit casts for As/Is expressions
  • Add omitcasts to all native delegates

SharpKit v4.21.3000

15-Oct-2011  Download

  • Fix clr mode virtual property and indexer base access (credit: Sebastian)
  • gzip sitemap
  • Fix clr combine/remove delegate call (credit: Sebastian)
  • Fix JsMethod(Code="jscode") on static ctors in global mode (Credit: Tim)

SharpKit v4.21.2000

15-Oct-2011  Download

  • Optimize Clr mode JsType json definition
  • New documentation libraries (SenchaTouch, jQueryMobile)
  • Fix clr mode virtual property and indexer base access
  • Remove BrowserAttributes
  • Update JsClr to support optimized jsons
  • Rename ExtJs solution folder to Sencha
  • Initial support for SenchaTouch 1.1.0
  • Initial support for SenchaTouch 2.0.0 (preview 1)

SharpKit v4.21.1000

14-Oct-2011  Download

  • Remove base constructor calls in clr mode when base class isn't clr mode
  • Add isDelegate=true for clr delegate types
  • Fix base class generic class ctor calls in clr mode
  • Set Function._type to System.Delegate, allow any delegate casting

SharpKit v4.21.0000

11-Oct-2011  Download

  • Support enum values in documentation
  • Fix generic class constructor parameter initialization
  • Integrate CSharpFormat for learning center
  • Remove base constructor calls in clr mode when base class isn't clr mode
  • Added XMLHTTPRequest.abort method

SharpKit v4.20.9000

9-Oct-2011  Download

  • Fix delegate context in constructors and property/event accessors
  • Code cleanups
  • New SharpKit VS2010 project template

SharpKit v4.20.8000

1-Oct-2011  Download

  • Fix delegate context in constructors and property/event accessors

SharpKit v4.20.7000

1-Oct-2011  Download

  • Fix empty initializer in for loop bug
  • Fix generic types naming problem
  • Fix generic class issues in jsclr 4.1.0
  • Updated WebSocket, credit: Sergio
  • Support native integer division using JsType.NativeOperatorOverloads attribute

SharpKit v4.20.6000

30-Sep-2011  Download

  • Fix scroll/zoom ui bug
  • Begin Release notes
  • Fix empty initializer in for loop bug
  • Trasnform WebSocket into class
  • Fix generic class issues in jsclr 4.1.0

SharpKit v4.20.5000

20-Sep-2011  Download

  • Improve file merging - (using in-memory units)
  • Support JsMergedFile(Minify=true)
  • Begin support for CSS compression
  • Support css minification

SharpKit v4.20.4000

8-Sep-2011  Download

  • Support named parameters, and object / collection initializers
  • Support native array enumerators
  • Cleanups
  • Code cleanups, support new T()
  • support new this.T()
  • Support JsMethodAttribute.InlineCode
  • Improve file merging - (using in-memory units)

SharpKit v4.20.1000

5-Sep-2011  Download

  • Upgrade Metaspec to
  • Recompile using Skc4 (SharpKit v4.20.0000) :-)

SharpKit v4.20.0000

1-Sep-2011  Download

  • Major architectural change, convert C# AST into JS AST instead of directly to text
  • Support OmitCalls on non-extension methods
  • Fix dynamics, fix anonymous methods in static methods as native functions
  • Remove comma at the ent of PropertyIs function
  • fix Js.GetHashKey
  • Added missing jQueryBrowser properties (credit: sebastian)
  • Add assembly and namespace documentation
  • Initial release of SharpKit.KnockoutJs

SharpKit v4.06.3000

16-Aug-2011  Download

  • Fix ctor:this() generic params transfer
  • Support method prms list and hyperlinks
  • XmlDoc features
  • Fix default(T) of generic type params
  • Support OmitCalls on non-extension methods
  • Change indexers to use fullname in clr mode (temp parse bug)
  • Fixed Image and Option class names to support native ctors
  • Fix Js.GetHashKey implementation
  • Remove comma at the ent of PropertyIs function

SharpKit v4.06.2000

13-Aug-2011  Download

  • Fix JsClr mode constructor Export=false
  • format code
  • Disbale indexer short method name in clr mode, because of metaspec bug
  • Fix ctor:this() generic params transfer
  • Recompile with SharpKit v4.06.1000
  • (string.Format export bug)
  • Change HTML5 workers to JsAction
  • Change indexers to use fullname in clr mode (temp parse bug)

SharpKit v4.06.1000

12-Aug-2011  Download

  • Support release log
  • js clr mode json format
  • Fix JsClr mode constructor Export=false
  • Add Event.originalEvent
  • Change all methods to use jQuery Event instead of HtmlDomEventArgs
  • Better formatted .js clr files
  • Fix W3C.DOM indexers, fix handlers from object to JsAction
  • Fix JsClr 4.0.0 to compile in compatibility mode
  • Add HTML5 samples
  • Recompile with SharpKit v4.06.1000
  • (string.Format export bug)
  • Change HTML5 workers to JsAction

SharpKit v4.06.0000

10-Aug-2011  Download

  • Implement JsClr 4.1.0 with JsClr4_1_0 Exporter
  • Format js clr 4.1.0 json types
  • Support native delegates in instances with caller context
  • Fixed -= to convert to Delegate.Remove
  • Support native delegates in instances with caller context
  • Clr delegates are now native functions, no need for Invoke() method
  • Clr types do not require compiler to be present until compilation
  • JsCompiler moved to prototype mode (except global keywords), to compile in previous clr mode, add define: JSCLR_4_0_0 to compilation
  • Fixed Activator.CreateInstance(type)
  • Implemented Activator.CreateInstance[T]()
  • Added JsContext.String(object obj)
  • Added jQuery.Item[int] indexer access
  • Change all classes to prototype mode
  • Add Event.originalEvent
  • Change all methods to use jQuery Event instead of HtmlDomEventArgs

SharpKit v4.05.5000

4-Aug-2011  Download

  • Added SharpKit.W3C.DOM new standard HTML library including HTML5 apis
  • Fixed autonamespaces on prototype enums
  • Fixed wrong export of 'return' in void lambda expressions
  • Fixed type and method const declarations in all native modes
  • Added visual stuido project templates to sharpkit program files dir
  • Fix js clr namespaces to live side by side with native namespaces

SharpKit v4.05.3000


  • Fixed localization issue
  • Fixed crash when referencing Microsoft Enterprise library
  • JsClr fixes:
  • System.Linq.Enumerable.Any()
  • Object.Equals() methods implemented
  • System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary fixed

SharpKit v4.05.2000


  • Support not overwriting read-only files, if generated content is the same (for better source control support).
  • Fix AutomaticPropertiesAsFields bug in assembly references - fix automatic property detection
  • Fix static variables and properties issues in clr mode #11, #12
  • Create jQueryUI.Controls library - control wrappers for jQuery UI
  • Fixed #14 Wrong jQuery.each method signature

SharpKit v4.05.1000


  • Support JsMode.Json on enums
  • Support target type on enums
  • Support prototype mode automatic namespace declarations
  • Fix +=, -= on JsClr propreties
  • Added jquery ui button
  • Changed browser, fx and boxModel to static
  • Added Firebug console library (Credit: Nadav)

SharpKit v4.04.9000


  • SDK new build configurations, for multi target frameworks: v4.0, v3.5, two sets of assemblies
  • Skip SharpKit build when files are up to date.
  • Optimizations
  • Assembly versioning
  • New jQuery, jQuery UI assemblies

SharpKit v4.04.4000


  • Fixed upgrade bug (dll and exe files not overwritten)

SharpKit v4.04.3000


  • Support export of external types (enums and interfaces only) :-)

SharpKit v4.03.9000


  • Force assembly overwrite during upgrade
  • Support manual activation

SharpKit v4.03.0000


  • Fixed upgrade issue in installation.
  • Added SharpKit SDK assemblies into installer.
  • Fixed automatic properties in assemblies bug.
  • JsTypeAttribute.TargetType - support for external types, used as an assembly attribute.
  • JsTypeAttribute.PreCode/PostCode - support for adding manual js code before and after an export of a JsType.
  • JsTypeAttribute.OrderInFile - support for custom order of types in a single file, negative values will export the type before other types, positive values will export the type after other types.
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