Sys.Net Namespace

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Name Description
NetworkRequestEventArgs Contains information about a Web request that is ready to be sent to the current instance.
WebRequest Provides an API to make Web requests.
WebRequestExecutor Provides the abstract base class from which network executors derive.
WebRequestManager Manages the flow of Web requests between the object and the executor instance that makes the network requests.
WebServiceError Represents the object type returned to the browser when a Web service issues an error.
WebServiceProxy Enables calling a method of a specified Web service asynchronously.
XMLHttpExecutor Makes asynchronous network requests by using the browser's XMLHTTP support.


Name Description
NetworkRequestEventHandler Delegate for responding to the event.
WebRequestCompletedCallback Delegate for handling the completed event raised by the WebRequest class.
WebServiceFailureCallback Delegate for handling the WebServiceProxy.Invoke failure callback.
WebServiceSuccessCallback Delegate for handling the WebServiceProxy.Invoke success callback.
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