WebRequest Class

Provides an API to make Web requests.

Namespace: Sys.Net

Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
body Gets or sets the HTTP body of the WebRequest.
Executor Gets the executor of the associated instance.
headers Gets the dictionary of name/value pairs that contains the HTTP headers that are sent with the Web request.
httpVerb Gets or sets the HTTP verb for the Web request, which must be an HTTP verb that is recognized by the Web server, such as "GET" or "POST".
timeout Gets or sets the time-out value in milliseconds for the instance.
url Gets or sets the URL of the instance.
userContext Gets or sets the user context associated with the instance.


Name Description
completed Occurs when the work being performed by the associated executor is finished. An executor finishes its work in one of three states: completed, aborted, or timed out.


Name Description
getResolvedUrl() Gets the resolved URL of the instance.
invoke() Executes the Web request.
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