XMLHttpExecutor Class

Makes asynchronous network requests by using the browser's XMLHTTP support.

Namespace: Sys.Net

Base Types


Name Description


Name Description
abort() Stops the pending network request issued by the executor.
executeRequest() Instructs the executor to execute a Web request.
getAllResponseHeaders() Gets all the response headers for the current request.
getResponseHeader(string) Gets the value of the specified response header.


Name Description
aborted Gets a value indicating whether the request associated with the executor was aborted.
responseAvailable Gets a value indicating whether the request completed successfully.
responseData Gets the text representation of the response body.
started Returns a value indicating whether the executor has started processing the request.
statusCode Gets a success status code.
statusText Gets status information about a request that completed successfully.
timedOut Gets a value indicating whether the request timed out.
xml Attempts to get the response to the current request as an XMLDOM object.
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