DomElement Class

Defines static methods and properties that set attributes and provide information about DOM elements.

Namespace: Sys.UI

Base Types



Name Description
addCssClass(HtmlElement, string) Adds a CSS class to an element if the element does not already have it CSS class.
containsCssClass(HtmlElement, string) Returns a value that indicates whether the element contains the specified CSS class.
getBounds(HtmlElement) Gets a set of integer coordinates that represent the position, width, and height of an element.
getElementById(string) Gets an element that has the specified id attribute.
getElementById(string, HtmlElement) Gets an element that has the specified id attribute.
getLocation(HtmlElement) Gets the absolute position of an element relative to the upper-left corner of the browser window.
removeCssClass(HtmlElement, string) Removes a CSS class from an element.
setLocation(HtmlElement, JsNumber, JsNumber) Sets the position of an element.
toggleCssClass(HtmlElement, string) Toggles a CSS class in an element.
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