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Application Class

Provides members that support client-component development.

Namespace: Sys

Base Types



Name Description
addComponent(Component) Registers a component with the application and initializes it if the component is not already initialized.
addHistoryPoint(JsObject) Creates a history point and adds it to the browser's history stack.
addHistoryPoint(JsObject, string) Creates a history point and adds it to the browser's history stack.
findComponent(string) Returns the specified object.
findComponent(string, IContainer) Returns the specified object.
getComponents() Returns an array of all components that have been registered with the application by using the method.
initialize() Initializes the application and raises the event.
notifyScriptLoaded() Called by a referenced script to indicate that it has been loaded.
queueScriptReference(string) Sequentially queues the scripts to be loaded in the queued order.
registerDisposableObject(IDisposable) Registers with the application an object that will require disposing.
removeComponent(Component) Removes the object from the application and disposes the object if it is disposable.
unregisterDisposableObject(IDisposable) Unregisters a disposable object from the application.


Name Description
enableHistory Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the Web application supports history point management.
isCreatingComponents Gets a value that indicates whether the application is in the process of creating components.


Name Description
init Raised after all scripts have been loaded but before objects are created.
load Raised after all scripts have been loaded and the objects in the application have been created and initialized.
navigate Occurs when the user clicks the browser's Back or Forward button.
unload Raised before all objects in the client application are disposed, typically when the DOM window.unload event is raised.
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