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CycleConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.button


Name Description


Name Description
changeHandler A callback function that will be invoked each time the active menu item in the button's menu has changed. If this callback is not supplied, the SplitButton will instead fire the change event on active item change. The changeHandler function will be called with the following argument list: (SplitButton this, item)
forceIcon A css class which sets an image to be used as the static icon for this button. This icon will always be displayed regardless of which item is selected in the dropdown list. This overrides the default behavior of changing the button's icon to match the selected item's icon on change.
items An array of config objects to be used when creating the button's menu items (e.g., {text:'Foo', iconCls:'foo-icon'})

This cfg has been deprecated

4.0 Use the menu config instead. All menu items will be created as CheckItems.

prependText A static string to prepend before the active item's text when displayed as the button's text (only applies when showText = true). Defaults to: ""
showText True to display the active item's text as the button text. The Button will show its configured text if this config is omitted. Defaults to: false
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