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Category Class

A type of axis that displays items in categories. This axis is generally used to display categorical information like names of items, month names, quarters, etc. but no quantitative values. For that other type of information Number axis are more suitable.

As with other axis you can set the position of the axis and its title. For example:

var store = Ext.create('', {
            fields: ['name', 'data1', 'data2', 'data3', 'data4', 'data5'],
            data: [
            {'name':'metric one', 'data1':10, 'data2':12, 'data3':14, 'data4':8, 'data5':13},
            {'name':'metric two', 'data1':7, 'data2':8, 'data3':16, 'data4':10, 'data5':3},
            {'name':'metric three', 'data1':5, 'data2':2, 'data3':14, 'data4':12, 'data5':7},
            {'name':'metric four', 'data1':2, 'data2':14, 'data3':6, 'data4':1, 'data5':23},
            {'name':'metric five', 'data1':27, 'data2':38, 'data3':36, 'data4':13, 'data5':33}
            Ext.create('Ext.chart.Chart', {
            renderTo: Ext.getBody(),
            width: 500,
            height: 300,
            store: store,
            axes: [{
            type: 'Numeric',
            position: 'left',
            fields: ['data1', 'data2', 'data3', 'data4', 'data5'],
            title: 'Sample Values',
            grid: {
            odd: {
            opacity: 1,
            fill: '#ddd',
            stroke: '#bbb',
            'stroke-width': 1
            minimum: 0,
            adjustMinimumByMajorUnit: 0
            }, {
            type: 'Category',
            position: 'bottom',
            fields: ['name'],
            title: 'Sample Metrics',
            grid: true,
            label: {
            rotate: {
            degrees: 315
            series: [{
            type: 'area',
            highlight: false,
            axis: 'left',
            xField: 'name',
            yField: ['data1', 'data2', 'data3', 'data4', 'data5'],
            style: {
            opacity: 0.93

In this example with set the category axis to the bottom of the surface, bound the axis to the name property and set as title Month of the Year.

Namespace: Ext.chart.axis


Name Description
calculateCategoryCount Indicates whether or not to calculate the number of categories (ticks and labels) when there is not enough room to display all labels on the axis. If set to true, the axis will determine the number of categories to plot. If not, all categories will be plotted. Defaults to: false
categoryNames A list of category names to display along this axis. Defaults to: null
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