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LineConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.chart.series


Name Description


Name Description
fill If true, the area below the line will be filled in using the eefill and opacity config properties. Defaults to false. Defaults to: false
markerConfig The display style for the markers. Only used if showMarkers is true. The markerConfig is a configuration object containing the same set of properties defined in the Sprite class. For example, if we were to set red circles as markers to the line series we could pass the object:
markerConfig: {
    type: 'circle',
    radius: 4,
    'fill': '#f00'
Defaults to: {}
selectionTolerance The offset distance from the cursor position to the line series to trigger events (then used for highlighting series, etc). Defaults to: 20
showMarkers Whether markers should be displayed at the data points along the line. If true, then the markerConfig config item will determine the markers' styling. Defaults to: true
smooth If set to true or a non-zero number, the line will be smoothed/rounded around its points; otherwise straight line segments will be drawn. A numeric value is interpreted as a divisor of the horizontal distance between consecutive points in the line; larger numbers result in sharper curves while smaller numbers result in smoother curves. If set to true then a default numeric value of 3 will be used. Defaults to false. Defaults to: false
style An object containing style properties for the visualization lines and fill. These styles will override the theme styles. The following are valid style properties:
  • stroke - an rgb or hex color string for the background color of the line
  • stroke-width - the width of the stroke (integer)
  • fill - the background fill color string (hex or rgb), only works if fill is true
  • opacity - the opacity of the line and the fill color (decimal)
  • Example usage:
    style: {
                stroke: '#00ff00',
                'stroke-width': 10,
                fill: '#80A080',
                opacity: 0.2
    Defaults to: {}
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