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SeriesConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.chart.series

Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
highlight If set to true it will highlight the markers or the series when hovering with the mouse. This parameter can also be an object with the same style properties you would apply to a Ext.draw.Sprite to apply custom styles to markers and series.
label Object with the following properties:
  • display : String

    Specifies the presence and position of labels for each pie slice. Either "rotate", "middle", "insideStart", "insideEnd", "outside", "over", "under", or "none" to prevent label rendering. Default value: 'none'.

  • color : String

    The color of the label text. Default value: '#000' (black).

  • contrast : Boolean

    True to render the label in contrasting color with the backround. Default value: false.

  • field : String

    The name of the field to be displayed in the label. Default value: 'name'.

  • minMargin : Number

    Specifies the minimum distance from a label to the origin of the visualization. This parameter is useful when using PieSeries width variable pie slice lengths. Default value: 50.

  • font : String

    The font used for the labels. Default value: "11px Helvetica, sans-serif".

  • orientation : String

    Either "horizontal" or "vertical". Dafault value: "horizontal".

  • renderer : Function

    Optional function for formatting the label into a displayable value. Default value: function(v) { return v; }

  • listeners An (optional) object with event callbacks. All event callbacks get the target item as first parameter. The callback functions are:
  • itemmouseover
  • itemmouseout
  • itemmousedown
  • itemmouseup
  • Overrides: Ext.util.Observable.listeners
    renderer A function that can be overridden to set custom styling properties to each rendered element. Passes in (sprite, record, attributes, index, store) to the function.
    shadowAttributes An array with shadow attributes Defaults to: null
    showInLegend Whether to show this series in the legend. Defaults to: true
    tips Add tooltips to the visualization's markers. The options for the tips are the same configuration used with Ext.tip.ToolTip. For example:
    tips: {
                trackMouse: true,
                width: 140,
                height: 28,
                renderer: function(storeItem, item) {
                this.setTitle(storeItem.get('name') + ': ' + storeItem.get('data1') + ' views');
    title The human-readable name of the series. Defaults to: null
    type The type of series. Set in subclasses. Defaults to: null
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