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ChartConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.chart


Name Description


Name Description
animate True for the default animation (easing: 'ease' and duration: 500) or a standard animation config object to be used for default chart animations. Defaults to false. Defaults to: false
axes Array of Axis instances or config objects. For example:
axes: [{
            type: 'Numeric',
            position: 'left',
            fields: ['data1'],
            title: 'Number of Hits',
            minimum: 0,
            //one minor tick between two major ticks
            minorTickSteps: 1
            }, {
            type: 'Category',
            position: 'bottom',
            fields: ['name'],
            title: 'Month of the Year'
background The chart background. This can be a gradient object, image, or color. Defaults to false for no background. For example, if background were to be a color we could set the object as
background: {
            //color string
            fill: '#ccc'
You can specify an image by using:
background: {
            image: ''
Also you can specify a gradient by using the gradient object syntax:
background: {
            gradient: {
            id: 'gradientId',
            angle: 45,
            stops: {
            0: {
            color: '#555'
            100: {
            color: '#ddd'
Defaults to: false
insetPadding The amount of inset padding in pixels for the chart. Defaults to 10. Defaults to: 10
legend True for the default legend display or a legend config object. Defaults to false. Defaults to: false
mask Enables selecting a region on chart. True to enable any selection, 'horizontal' or 'vertical' to restrict the selection to X or Y axis. The mask in itself will do nothing but fire 'select' event. See Ext.chart.Mask for example.
series Array of Series instances or config objects. For example:
series: [{
            type: 'column',
            axis: 'left',
            listeners: {
            'afterrender': function() {
            xField: 'category',
            yField: 'data1'
store The store that supplies data to this chart.
theme The name of the theme to be used. A theme defines the colors and other visual displays of tick marks on axis, text, title text, line colors, marker colors and styles, etc. Possible theme values are 'Base', 'Green', 'Sky', 'Red', 'Purple', 'Blue', 'Yellow' and also six category themes 'Category1' to 'Category6'. Default value is 'Base'.
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