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LabelConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.chart

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Name Description


Name Description
label Object with the following properties:
  • display : String

    Specifies the presence and position of labels for each pie slice. Either "rotate", "middle", "insideStart", "insideEnd", "outside", "over", "under", or "none" to prevent label rendering. Default value: 'none'.

  • color : String

    The color of the label text. Default value: '#000' (black).

  • contrast : Boolean

    True to render the label in contrasting color with the backround. Default value: false.

  • field : String

    The name of the field to be displayed in the label. Default value: 'name'.

  • minMargin : Number

    Specifies the minimum distance from a label to the origin of the visualization. This parameter is useful when using PieSeries width variable pie slice lengths. Default value: 50.

  • font : String

    The font used for the labels. Default value: "11px Helvetica, sans-serif".

  • orientation : String

    Either "horizontal" or "vertical". Dafault value: "horizontal".

  • renderer : Function

    Optional function for formatting the label into a displayable value. Default value: function(v) { return v; }

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