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Mask Interface

Defines a mask for a chart's series. The 'chart' member must be set prior to rendering.

A Mask can be used to select a certain region in a chart. When enabled, the select event will be triggered when a region is selected by the mask, allowing the user to perform other tasks like zooming on that region, etc.

In order to use the mask one has to set the Chart mask option to true, vertical or horizontal. Then a possible configuration for the listener could be:

items: {
            xtype: 'chart',
            animate: true,
            store: store1,
            mask: 'horizontal',
            listeners: {
            select: {
            fn: function(me, selection) {

In this example we zoom the chart to that particular region. You can also get a handle to a mask instance from the chart object. The chart.mask element is a Ext.Panel.

Namespace: Ext.chart

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