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Navigation Interface

Handles panning and zooming capabilities.

Used as mixin by Ext.chart.Chart.

Namespace: Ext.chart

Derived Types


Name Description
className Defaults to: "Ext.Base"
configMap Defaults to: {}
initConfigList Defaults to: []
initConfigMap Defaults to: {}
isInstance Defaults to: true
self Get the reference to the current class from which this object was instantiated. Unlike statics, this.self is scope-dependent and it's meant to be used for dynamic inheritance. See statics for a detailed comparison
  Ext.define('My.Cat', {
            statics: {
            speciesName: 'Cat' // My.Cat.speciesName = 'Cat'
            constructor: function() {
            alert(this.self.speciesName); // dependent on 'this'
            clone: function() {
            return new this.self();
            Ext.define('My.SnowLeopard', {
            extend: 'My.Cat',
            statics: {
            speciesName: 'Snow Leopard'         // My.SnowLeopard.speciesName = 'Snow Leopard'
            var cat = new My.Cat();                     // alerts 'Cat'
            var snowLeopard = new My.SnowLeopard();     // alerts 'Snow Leopard'
            var clone = snowLeopard.clone();
            alert(Ext.getClassName(clone));             // alerts 'My.SnowLeopard'


Name Description
restoreZoom() Restores the zoom to the original value. This can be used to reset the previous zoom state set by setZoom. For example:
setZoom(object) Zooms the chart to the specified selection range. Can be used with a selection mask. For example:
items: {
            xtype: 'chart',
            animate: true,
            store: store1,
            mask: 'horizontal',
            listeners: {
            select: {
            fn: function(me, selection) {
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