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Name Description


Name Description
directFn Function to call when executing a request. directFn is a simple alternative to defining the api configuration-parameter for Store's which will not implement a full CRUD api. The directFn may also be a string reference to the fully qualified name of the function, for example: ''. This can be useful when using dynamic loading. The string will be looked up when the proxy is created.
paramOrder Defaults to undefined. A list of params to be executed server side. Specify the params in the order in which they must be executed on the server-side as either (1) an Array of String values, or (2) a String of params delimited by either whitespace, comma, or pipe. For example, any of the following would be acceptable:
paramOrder: ['param1','param2','param3']
            paramOrder: 'param1 param2 param3'
            paramOrder: 'param1,param2,param3'
            paramOrder: 'param1|param2|param'
paramsAsHash Send parameters as a collection of named arguments. Providing a paramOrder nullifies this configuration. Defaults to: true
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