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SessionStorage Class

Proxy which uses HTML5 session storage as its data storage/retrieval mechanism. If this proxy is used in a browser where session storage is not supported, the constructor will throw an error. A session storage proxy requires a unique ID which is used as a key in which all record data are stored in the session storage object.

It's important to supply this unique ID as it cannot be reliably determined otherwise. If no id is provided but the attached store has a storeId, the storeId will be used. If neither option is presented the proxy will throw an error.

Proxies are almost always used with a store:

            proxy: {
            type: 'sessionstorage',
            id  : 'myProxyKey'

Alternatively you can instantiate the Proxy directly:

            id  : 'myOtherProxyKey'

Note that session storage is different to local storage (see - if a browser session is ended (e.g. by closing the browser) then all data in a SessionStorageProxy are lost. Browser restarts don't affect the - the data are preserved.


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