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Array Class

Data reader class to create an Array of objects from an Array. Each element of that Array represents a row of data fields. The fields are pulled into a Record object using as a subscript, the mapping property of the field definition if it exists, or the field's ordinal position in the definition.

Example code:

Employee = Ext.define('Employee', {
            extend: '',
            fields: [
            {name: 'name', mapping: 1},         // "mapping" only needed if an "id" field is present which
            {name: 'occupation', mapping: 2}    // precludes using the ordinal position as the index.
            var myReader = new{
            model: 'Employee'
            }, Employee);

This would consume an Array like this:

[ [1, 'Bill', 'Gardener'], [2, 'Ben', 'Horticulturalist'] ]


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