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Xml Class

This class is used to write data to the server in an XML format. The documentRoot property is used to specify the root element in the XML document. The record option is used to specify the element name for each record that will make up the XML document.




Name Description
defaultDocumentRoot The root to be used if documentRoot is empty and a root is required to form a valid XML document. Defaults to: "xmlData"
documentRoot The name of the root element of the document. Defaults to 'xmlData'. If there is more than 1 record and the root is not specified, the default document root will still be used to ensure a valid XML document is created. Defaults to: "xmlData"
header A header to use in the XML document (such as setting the encoding or version). Defaults to ''. Defaults to: ""
record The name of the node to use for each record. Defaults to 'record'. Defaults to: "record"
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