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AbstractStoreEvents Class


Base Types




Name Description
add(Store, JsArray<T>, JsNumber, object) Fired when a Model instance has been added to this Store
beforeload(Store, Operation, object) Fires before a request is made for a new data object. If the beforeload handler returns false the load action will be canceled.
beforesync(object, object) Fired before a call to sync is executed. Return false from any listener to cancel the sync
clear(Store, object) Fired after the removeAll method is called.
datachanged(Store, object) Fires whenever the records in the Store have changed in some way - this could include adding or removing records, or updating the data in existing records
load(Store, JsArray<T>, bool, object) Fires whenever the store reads data from a remote data source.
metachange(Store, object, object) Fires when this store's underlying reader (available via the proxy) provides new metadata. Metadata usually consists of new field definitions, but can include any configuration data required by an application, and can be processed as needed in the event handler. This event is currently only fired for JsonReaders.
refresh(Store, object) Fires when the data cache has changed in a bulk manner (e.g., it has been sorted, filtered, etc.) and a widget that is using this Store as a Record cache should refresh its view.
remove(Store, Model, JsNumber, object) Fired when a Model instance has been removed from this Store
update(Store, Model, JsString, object, object) Fires when a Model instance has been updated
write(Store, Operation, object) Fires whenever a successful write has been made via the configured Proxy
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