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OperationConfig Class


Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
action The action being performed by this Operation. Should be one of 'create', 'read', 'update' or 'destroy'.
batch The batch that this Operation is a part of.
callback Function to execute when operation completed.
filters Optional array of filter objects. Only applies to 'read' actions.
groupers Optional grouping configuration. Only applies to 'read' actions where grouping is desired.
limit The number of records to load. Used on 'read' actions when paging is being used.
params Parameters to pass along with the request when performing the operation.
scope Scope for the callback function.
sorters Optional array of sorter objects. Only applies to 'read' actions.
start The start index (offset), used in paging when running a 'read' action.
synchronous True if this Operation is to be executed synchronously. This property is inspected by a Batch to see if a series of Operations can be executed in parallel or not. Defaults to: true
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