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TreeStoreConfig Class


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Name Description
clearOnLoad Remove previously existing child nodes before loading. Defaults to: true
clearRemovedOnLoad If true, when a node is reloaded, any records in the removed record collection that were previously descendants of the node being reloaded will be cleared from the removed collection. Only applicable if clearOnLoad is true. Defaults to: true
defaultRootId The default root id. Defaults to: "root"
defaultRootProperty The root property to specify on the reader if one is not explicitly defined. Defaults to: "children"
folderSort Set to true to automatically prepend a leaf sorter. Defaults to: false
nodeParam The name of the parameter sent to the server which contains the identifier of the node. Defaults to: "node"
root The root node for this store. For example:
root: {
            expanded: true,
            text: "My Root",
            children: [
            { text: "Child 1", leaf: true },
            { text: "Child 2", expanded: true, children: [
            { text: "GrandChild", leaf: true }
            ] }
Setting the root config option is the same as calling setRootNode.
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