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DragTrackerConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.dd

Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
autoStart Specify true to defer trigger start by 1000 ms. Specify a Number for the number of milliseconds to defer trigger start. Defaults to: false
constrainTo A Region (Or an element from which a Region measurement will be read) which is used to constrain the result of the getOffset call. This may be set any time during the DragTracker's lifecycle to set a dynamic constraining region.
delegate A DomQuery selector which identifies child elements within the DragTracker's encapsulating Element which are the tracked elements. This limits tracking to only begin when the matching elements are mousedowned. This may also be a specific child element within the DragTracker's encapsulating element to use as the tracked element.
listeners A config object containing one or more event handlers to be added to this object during initialization. This should be a valid listeners config object as specified in the addListener example for attaching multiple handlers at once. DOM events from Ext JS Components While some Ext JS Component classes export selected DOM events (e.g. "click", "mouseover" etc), this is usually only done when extra value can be added. For example the DataView's itemclick event passing the node clicked on. To access DOM events directly from a child element of a Component, we need to specify the element option to identify the Component property to add a DOM listener to:
new Ext.panel.Panel({
            width: 400,
            height: 200,
            dockedItems: [{
            xtype: 'toolbar'
            listeners: {
            click: {
            element: 'el', //bind to the underlying el property on the panel
            fn: function(){ console.log('click el'); }
            dblclick: {
            element: 'body', //bind to the underlying body property on the panel
            fn: function(){ console.log('dblclick body'); }
overCls A CSS class to add to the DragTracker's target element when the element (or, if the delegate option is used, when a delegate element) is mouseovered. If the delegate option is used, these events fire only when a delegate element is entered of left.
preventDefault Specify false to enable default actions on onMouseDown events. Defaults to: true
stopEvent Specify true to stop the mousedown event from bubbling to outer listeners from the target element (or its delegates). Defaults to: false
tolerance Number of pixels the drag target must be moved before dragging is considered to have started. Defaults to: 5
trackOver Set to true to fire mouseover and mouseout events when the mouse enters or leaves the target element. This is implicitly set when an overCls is specified. If the delegate option is used, these events fire only when a delegate element is entered of left. Defaults to: false
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