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StatusProxy Class

A specialized floating Component that supports a drop status icon, Ext.Layer styles and auto-repair. This is the default drag proxy used by all Ext.dd components.

Namespace: Ext.dd


Name Description
dropAllowed The CSS class to apply to the status element when drop is allowed. Defaults to: "x-dd-drop-ok"
dropNotAllowed The CSS class to apply to the status element when drop is not allowed. Defaults to: "x-dd-drop-nodrop"


Name Description
getGhost() Returns the ghost element
hide(bool) Hides the proxy
repair(JsArray<T>, Delegate, object) Causes the proxy to return to its position of origin via an animation. Should be called after an invalid drop operation by the item being dragged.
reset(bool) Resets the status indicator to the default dropNotAllowed value
setStatus(JsString) Updates the proxy's visual element to indicate the status of whether or not drop is allowed over the current target element.
stop() Stops the repair animation if it's currently running
sync() Force the Layer to sync its shadow and shim positions to the element
update(object) Updates the contents of the ghost element
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