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Load Class

A class which handles loading of data from a server into the Fields of an Ext.form.Basic.

Instances of this class are only created by a Form when loading.

Response Packet Criteria

A response packet must contain:

  • success property : Boolean
  • data property : Object

The data property contains the values of Fields to load. The individual value object for each Field is passed to the Field's setValue method.

JSON Packets

By default, response packets are assumed to be JSON, so for the following form load call:

var myFormPanel = new Ext.form.Panel({
            title: 'Client and routing info',
            renderTo: Ext.getBody(),
            defaults: {
            xtype: 'textfield'
            items: [{
            fieldLabel: 'Client',
            name: 'clientName'
            }, {
            fieldLabel: 'Port of loading',
            name: 'portOfLoading'
            }, {
            fieldLabel: 'Port of discharge',
            name: 'portOfDischarge'
            url: '/getRoutingInfo.php',
            params: {
            consignmentRef: myConsignmentRef
            failure: function(form, action) {
            Ext.Msg.alert("Load failed", action.result.errorMessage);

a success response packet may look like this:

            success: true,
            data: {
            clientName: "Fred. Olsen Lines",
            portOfLoading: "FXT",
            portOfDischarge: "OSL"

while a failure response packet may look like this:

            success: false,
            errorMessage: "Consignment reference not found"

Other data may be placed into the response for processing the Form's callback or event handler methods. The object decoded from this JSON is available in the result property.

Namespace: Ext.form.action


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