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FieldConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.form.field

Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
disabled True to disable the field. Disabled Fields will not be submitted. Defaults to: falseOverrides: Ext.AbstractComponent.disabled
name The name of the field. By default this is used as the parameter name when including the field value in a form submit(). To prevent the field from being included in the form submit, set submitValue to false.
submitValue Setting this to false will prevent the field from being submitted even when it is not disabled. Defaults to: true
validateOnChange Specifies whether this field should be validated immediately whenever a change in its value is detected. If the validation results in a change in the field's validity, a validitychange event will be fired. This allows the field to show feedback about the validity of its contents immediately as the user is typing. When set to false, feedback will not be immediate. However the form will still be validated before submitting if the clientValidation option to Ext.form.Basic.doAction is enabled, or if the field or form are validated manually. See also Ext.form.field.Base.checkChangeEvents for controlling how changes to the field's value are detected. Defaults to: true
value A value to initialize this field with.
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