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TextConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.form.field


Name Description


Name Description
allowBlank Specify false to validate that the value's length is > 0 Defaults to: true
blankText The error text to display if the allowBlank validation fails Defaults to: "This field is required"
disableKeyFilter Specify true to disable input keystroke filtering Defaults to: false
emptyCls The CSS class to apply to an empty field to style the emptyText. This class is automatically added and removed as needed depending on the current field value. Defaults to: "x-form-empty-field"
emptyText The default text to place into an empty field. Note that normally this value will be submitted to the server if this field is enabled; to prevent this you can set the submitEmptyText option of Ext.form.Basic.submit to false. Also note that if you use inputType:'file', emptyText is not supported and should be avoided. Note that for browsers that support it, setting this property will use the HTML 5 placeholder attribute, and for older browsers that don't support the HTML 5 placeholder attribute the value will be placed directly into the input element itself as the raw value. This means that older browsers will obfuscate the emptyText value for password input fields.
enableKeyEvents true to enable the proxying of key events for the HTML input field Defaults to: false
enforceMaxLength True to set the maxLength property on the underlying input field. Defaults to false
grow true if this field should automatically grow and shrink to its content Defaults to: false
growAppend A string that will be appended to the field's current value for the purposes of calculating the target field size. Only used when the grow config is true. Defaults to a single capital "W" (the widest character in common fonts) to leave enough space for the next typed character and avoid the field value shifting before the width is adjusted. Defaults to: "W"
growMax The maximum width to allow when grow = true Defaults to: 800
growMin The minimum width to allow when grow = true Defaults to: 30
maskRe An input mask regular expression that will be used to filter keystrokes (character being typed) that do not match. Note: It does not filter characters already in the input.
maxLength Maximum input field length allowed by validation. This behavior is intended to provide instant feedback to the user by improving usability to allow pasting and editing or overtyping and back tracking. To restrict the maximum number of characters that can be entered into the field use the enforceMaxLength option. Defaults to Number.MAX_VALUE.
maxLengthText Error text to display if the maximum length validation fails Defaults to: "The maximum length for this field is {0}"
minLength Minimum input field length required Defaults to: 0
minLengthText Error text to display if the minimum length validation fails. Defaults to: "The minimum length for this field is {0}"
regex A JavaScript RegExp object to be tested against the field value during validation. If the test fails, the field will be marked invalid using either regexText or invalidText.
regexText The error text to display if regex is used and the test fails during validation Defaults to: ""
requiredCls The CSS class to apply to a required field, i.e. a field where allowBlank is false. Defaults to: "x-form-required-field"
selectOnFocus true to automatically select any existing field text when the field receives input focus Defaults to: false
size An initial value for the 'size' attribute on the text input element. This is only used if the field has no configured width and is not given a width by its container's layout. Defaults to 20. Defaults to: 20
stripCharsRe A JavaScript RegExp object used to strip unwanted content from the value during input. If stripCharsRe is specified, every character sequence matching stripCharsRe will be removed.
validator A custom validation function to be called during field validation (getErrors). If specified, this function will be called first, allowing the developer to override the default validation process. This function will be passed the following parameters:
vtype A validation type name as defined in Ext.form.field.VTypes
vtypeText A custom error message to display in place of the default message provided for the vtype currently set for this field. Note: only applies if vtype is set, else ignored.
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