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TriggerConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.form.field


Name Description


Name Description
editable false to prevent the user from typing text directly into the field; the field can only have its value set via an action invoked by the trigger. Defaults to: true
hideTrigger true to hide the trigger element and display only the base text field Defaults to: false
repeatTriggerClick true to attach a click repeater to the trigger. Defaults to: false
triggerBaseCls The base CSS class that is always added to the trigger button. The triggerCls will be appended in addition to this class. Defaults to: "x-form-trigger"
triggerCls An additional CSS class used to style the trigger button. The trigger will always get the triggerBaseCls by default and triggerCls will be appended if specified.
triggerNoEditCls The CSS class that is added to the text field when component is read-only or not editable. Defaults to: "x-trigger-noedit"
triggerWrapCls The CSS class that is added to the div wrapping the trigger button(s). Defaults to: "x-form-trigger-wrap"
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