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BasicConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.form

Base Types


Name Description


Name Description
api If specified, load and submit actions will be handled with DirectLoad and DirectSubmit. Methods which have been imported by can be specified here to load and submit forms. API methods may also be specified as strings. See Such as the following:
api: {
Load actions can use paramOrder or paramsAsHash to customize how the load method is invoked. Submit actions will always use a standard form submit. The formHandler configuration (see must be set on the associated server-side method which has been imported by
baseParams Parameters to pass with all requests. e.g. baseParams: {id: '123', foo: 'bar'}. Parameters are encoded as standard HTTP parameters using Ext.Object.toQueryString.
errorReader An (e.g. to be used to read field error messages returned from 'submit' actions. This is optional as there is built-in support for processing JSON responses. The Records which provide messages for the invalid Fields must use the Field name (or id) as the Record ID, and must contain a field called 'msg' which contains the error message. The errorReader does not have to be a full-blown implementation of a Reader. It simply needs to implement a read(xhr) function which returns an Array of Records in an object with the following structure:
            records: recordArray
method The request method to use (GET or POST) for form actions if one isn't supplied in the action options.
paramOrder A list of params to be executed server side. Only used for the api load configuration. Specify the params in the order in which they must be executed on the server-side as either (1) an Array of String values, or (2) a String of params delimited by either whitespace, comma, or pipe. For example, any of the following would be acceptable:
paramOrder: ['param1','param2','param3']
            paramOrder: 'param1 param2 param3'
            paramOrder: 'param1,param2,param3'
            paramOrder: 'param1|param2|param'
paramsAsHash Only used for the api load configuration. If true, parameters will be sent as a single hash collection of named arguments. Providing a paramOrder nullifies this configuration. Defaults to: false
reader An (e.g. to be used to read data when executing 'load' actions. This is optional as there is built-in support for processing JSON responses.
standardSubmit If set to true, a standard HTML form submit is used instead of a XHR (Ajax) style form submission. All of the field values, plus any additional params configured via baseParams and/or the options to submit, will be included in the values submitted in the form.
timeout Timeout for form actions in seconds. Defaults to: 30
trackResetOnLoad If set to true, reset() resets to the last loaded or setValues() data instead of when the form was first created. Defaults to: false
url The URL to use for form actions if one isn't supplied in the doAction options.
waitMsgTarget By default wait messages are displayed with Ext.MessageBox.wait. You can target a specific element by passing it or its id or mask the form itself by passing in true.
waitTitle The default title to show for the waiting message box Defaults to: "Please Wait..."
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