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CheckboxGroupConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.form



Name Description
allowBlank False to validate that at least one item in the group is checked. If no items are selected at validation time, blankText will be used as the error text. Defaults to: true
blankText Error text to display if the allowBlank validation fails Defaults to: "You must select at least one item in this group"
columns Specifies the number of columns to use when displaying grouped checkbox/radio controls using automatic layout. This config can take several types of values:
  • 'auto' - The controls will be rendered one per column on one row and the width of each column will be evenly distributed based on the width of the overall field container. This is the default.
  • Number - If you specific a number (e.g., 3) that number of columns will be created and the contained controls will be automatically distributed based on the value of vertical.
  • Array - You can also specify an array of column widths, mixing integer (fixed width) and float (percentage width) values as needed (e.g., [100, .25, .75]). Any integer values will be rendered first, then any float values will be calculated as a percentage of the remaining space. Float values do not have to add up to 1 (100%) although if you want the controls to take up the entire field container you should do so.
  • Defaults to: "auto"
    name Overrides:
    submitValue Setting this to false will prevent the field from being submitted even when it is not disabled. Defaults to: true
    validateOnChange Specifies whether this field should be validated immediately whenever a change in its value is detected. If the validation results in a change in the field's validity, a validitychange event will be fired. This allows the field to show feedback about the validity of its contents immediately as the user is typing. When set to false, feedback will not be immediate. However the form will still be validated before submitting if the clientValidation option to Ext.form.Basic.doAction is enabled, or if the field or form are validated manually. See also Ext.form.field.Base.checkChangeEvents for controlling how changes to the field's value are detected. Defaults to: true
    value A value to initialize this field with.
    vertical True to distribute contained controls across columns, completely filling each column top to bottom before starting on the next column. The number of controls in each column will be automatically calculated to keep columns as even as possible. The default value is false, so that controls will be added to columns one at a time, completely filling each row left to right before starting on the next row. Defaults to: false
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