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FieldSetConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.form


Name Description


Name Description
checkboxName The name to assign to the fieldset's checkbox if checkboxToggle = true (defaults to '[fieldset id]-checkbox').
checkboxToggle Set to true to render a checkbox into the fieldset frame just in front of the legend to expand/collapse the fieldset when the checkbox is toggled.. This checkbox will be included in form submits using the checkboxName. Defaults to: false
collapsed Set to true to render the fieldset as collapsed by default. If checkboxToggle is specified, the checkbox will also be unchecked by default. Defaults to: false
collapsible Set to true to make the fieldset collapsible and have the expand/collapse toggle button automatically rendered into the legend element, false to keep the fieldset statically sized with no collapse button. Another option is to configure checkboxToggle. Use the collapsed config to collapse the fieldset by default. Defaults to: false
title A title to be displayed in the fieldset's legend. May contain HTML markup.
toggleOnTitleClick Set to true will add a listener to the titleCmp property for the click event which will execute the toggle method. This option is only used when the collapsible property is set to true. Defaults to: true
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