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ColumnConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.grid.column


Name Description


Name Description
align Sets the alignment of the header and rendered columns. Possible values are: 'left', 'center', and 'right'. Defaults to: "left"
columns An optional array of sub-column definitions. This column becomes a group, and houses the columns defined in the columns config. Group columns may not be sortable. But they may be hideable and moveable. And you may move headers into and out of a group. Note that if all sub columns are dragged out of a group, the group is destroyed.
dataIndex The name of the field in the grid's's definition from which to draw the column's value. Required. Defaults to: null
editor An optional xtype or config object for a Field to use for editing. Only applicable if the grid is using an Editing plugin.
editRenderer A renderer to be used in conjunction with RowEditing. This renderer is used to display a custom value for non-editable fields. Defaults to: false
emptyCellText The text to diplay in empty cells (cells with a value of undefined, null, or ''). Defaults to   aka  .
field Alias for editor.

This cfg has been deprecated since 4.0.5

Use editor instead.

fixed True to prevent the column from being resizable.

This cfg has been deprecated since 4.0

Use resizable instead.

groupable If the grid uses a Ext.grid.feature.Grouping, this option may be used to disable the header menu item to group by the column selected. By default, the header menu group option is enabled. Set to false to disable (but still show) the group option in the header menu for the column.
header The header text.

This cfg has been deprecated since 4.0

Use text instead.

hideable False to prevent the user from hiding this column. Defaults to: true
locked True to lock this column in place. Implicitly enables locking on the grid. See also Ext.grid.Panel.enableLocking. Defaults to: false
menuDisabled True to disable the column header menu containing sort/hide options. Defaults to: false
menuText The text to render in the column visibility selection menu for this column. If not specified, will default to the text value. Defaults to: null
renderer A renderer is an 'interceptor' method which can be used to transform data (value, appearance, etc.) before it is rendered. Example:
            renderer: function(value){
            if (value === 1) {
            return '1 person';
            return value + ' people';
Additionally a string naming an Ext.util.Format method can be passed:
            renderer: 'uppercase'
Defaults to: false
  • value : Object

    The data value for the current cell

  • metaData : Object

    A collection of metadata about the current cell; can be used or modified by the renderer. Recognized properties are: tdCls, tdAttr, and style.

  • record :

    The record for the current row

  • rowIndex : Number

    The index of the current row

  • colIndex : Number

    The index of the current column

  • store :

    The data store

  • view : Ext.view.View

    The current view

  • scope The scope to use when calling the renderer function.
    tdCls A CSS class names to apply to the table cells for this column.
    text The header text to be used as innerHTML (html tags are accepted) to display in the Grid. Note: to have a clickable header with no text displayed you can use the default of   aka  . Defaults to: " "
    tooltip A tooltip to display for this column header
    tooltipType The type of tooltip to use. Either 'qtip' for QuickTips or 'title' for title attribute. Defaults to: "qtip"
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