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AbstractSummary Interface

A small abstract class that contains the shared behaviour for any summary calculations to be used in the grid.

Namespace: Ext.grid.feature


Name Description
className Defaults to: "Ext.Base"
collectData Most features will not modify the data returned to the view. This is limited to one feature that manipulates the data per grid view. Defaults to: false
configMap Defaults to: {}
disabled True when feature is disabled. Defaults to: false
eventPrefix Prefix to use when firing events on the view. For example a prefix of group would expose "groupclick", "groupcontextmenu", "groupdblclick". Defaults to: null
eventSelector Selector used to determine when to fire the event with the eventPrefix. Defaults to: null
grid Reference to the grid panel Defaults to: null
hasFeatureEvent Most features will expose additional events, some may not and will need to change this to false. Defaults to: true
initConfigList Defaults to: []
initConfigMap Defaults to: {}
isInstance Defaults to: true
self Get the reference to the current class from which this object was instantiated. Unlike statics, this.self is scope-dependent and it's meant to be used for dynamic inheritance. See statics for a detailed comparison
  Ext.define('My.Cat', {
            statics: {
            speciesName: 'Cat' // My.Cat.speciesName = 'Cat'
            constructor: function() {
            alert(this.self.speciesName); // dependent on 'this'
            clone: function() {
            return new this.self();
            Ext.define('My.SnowLeopard', {
            extend: 'My.Cat',
            statics: {
            speciesName: 'Snow Leopard'         // My.SnowLeopard.speciesName = 'Snow Leopard'
            var cat = new My.Cat();                     // alerts 'Cat'
            var snowLeopard = new My.SnowLeopard();     // alerts 'Snow Leopard'
            var clone = snowLeopard.clone();
            alert(Ext.getClassName(clone));             // alerts 'My.SnowLeopard'
view Reference to the TableView. Defaults to: null


Name Description
getColumnValue(Column, object) Gets the value for the column from the attached data.
getSummary(Store, object, JsString, bool) Get the summary data for a field.
getSummaryFragments() Gets any fragments to be used in the tpl
printSummaryRow(object) Prints a summary row
toggleSummaryRow(bool) Toggle whether or not to show the summary row.
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