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GroupingConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.grid.feature


Name Description


Name Description
collapsible Set to falsee to disable collapsing groups from the UI. This is set to false when the associated store is buffered. Defaults to: true
depthToIndent Number of pixels to indent per grouping level Defaults to: 17
enableGroupingMenu True to enable the grouping control in the header menu. Defaults to: true
enableNoGroups True to allow the user to turn off grouping. Defaults to: true
groupByText Text displayed in the grid header menu for grouping by header. Defaults to: "Group by this field"
groupHeaderTpl A string Template snippet, an array of strings (optionally followed by an object containing Template methods) to be used to construct a Template, or a Template instance.
  • Example 1 (Template snippet):

    groupHeaderTpl: 'Group: {name}'
  • Example 2 (Array):

    groupHeaderTpl: [
                'Group: ',
                formatName: function(name) {
                return Ext.String.trim(name);
  • Example 3 (Template Instance):

    groupHeaderTpl: Ext.create('Ext.XTemplate',
                'Group: ',
                formatName: function(name) {
                return Ext.String.trim(name);
  • Defaults to: "{columnName}: {name}"
  • groupField : String

    The field name being grouped by.

  • columnName : String

    The column header associated with the field being grouped by if there is a column for the field, falls back to the groupField name.

  • groupValue : Mixed

    The value of the groupField for the group header being rendered.

  • renderedGroupValue : String

    The rendered value of the groupField for the group header being rendered, as produced by the column renderer.

  • name : String

    An alias for renderedGroupValue

  • rows : Object[]

    An array of child row data objects as returned by the View's prepareData method.

  • children :[]

    An array containing the child records for the group being rendered.

  • hideGroupedHeader True to hide the header that is currently grouped. Defaults to: false
    showGroupsText Text displayed in the grid header for enabling/disabling grouping. Defaults to: "Show in groups"
    startCollapsed True to start all groups collapsed. Defaults to: false
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