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ContainerConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.grid.header


Name Description


Name Description
defaultWidth Width of the header if no width or flex is specified. Defaults to: 100
sealed Specify as true to constrain column dragging so that a column cannot be dragged into or out of this column. Note that this config is only valid for column headers which contain child column headers, eg:
            sealed: true
            text: 'ExtJS',
            columns: [{
            text: '3.0.4',
            dataIndex: 'ext304'
            }, {
            text: '4.1.0',
            dataIndex: 'ext410'
Defaults to: false
sortable Provides the default sortable state for all Headers within this HeaderContainer. Also turns on or off the menus in the HeaderContainer. Note that the menu is shared across every header and therefore turning it off will remove the menu items for every header. Defaults to: true
weight HeaderContainer overrides the default weight of 0 for all docked items to 100. This is so that it has more priority over things like toolbars. Defaults to: 100
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