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AnchorConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.layout.container


Name Description


Name Description
anchor This configuation option is to be applied to child items of a container managed by this layout (ie. configured with layout:'anchor'). This value is what tells the layout how an item should be anchored to the container. items added to an AnchorLayout accept an anchoring-specific config property of anchor which is a string containing two values: the horizontal anchor value and the vertical anchor value (for example, '100% 50%'). The following types of anchor values are supported:
  • Percentage : Any value between 1 and 100, expressed as a percentage.

    The first anchor is the percentage width that the item should take up within the container, and the second is the percentage height. For example:

    // two values specified
                anchor: '100% 50%' // render item complete width of the container and
                // 1/2 height of the container
                // one value specified
                anchor: '100%'     // the width value; the height will default to auto
  • Offsets : Any positive or negative integer value.

    This is a raw adjustment where the first anchor is the offset from the right edge of the container, and the second is the offset from the bottom edge. For example:

    // two values specified
                anchor: '-50 -100' // render item the complete width of the container
                // minus 50 pixels and
                // the complete height minus 100 pixels.
                // one value specified
                anchor: '-50'      // anchor value is assumed to be the right offset value
                // bottom offset will default to 0
  • Sides : Valid values are right (or r) and bottom (or b).

    Either the container must have a fixed size or an anchorSize config value defined at render time in order for these to have any effect.

  • Mixed :

    Anchor values can also be mixed as needed. For example, to render the width offset from the container right edge by 50 pixels and 75% of the container's height use:

    anchor:   '-50 75%'
  • defaultAnchor Default anchor for all child container items applied if no anchor or specific width is set on the child item. Defaults to: "100%"
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