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MenuConfig Class



Name Description


Name Description
allowOtherMenus True to allow multiple menus to be displayed at the same time. Defaults to: false
ariaRole Defaults to: "menu"
constrain Menus are constrained to the document body by default. Defaults to: true
defaultAlign The default Ext.Element#getAlignToXY anchor position value for this menu relative to its element of origin. Defaults to: "tl-bl?"
enableKeyNav True to enable keyboard navigation for controlling the menu. This option should generally be disabled when form fields are being used inside the menu. Defaults to: true
ignoreParentClicks True to ignore clicks on any item in this menu that is a parent item (displays a submenu) so that the submenu is not dismissed when clicking the parent item. Defaults to: false
plain True to remove the incised line down the left side of the menu and to not indent general Component items. Defaults to: false
showSeparator True to show the icon separator. Defaults to: true
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