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Proxy Class

NOTE This is a private utility class for internal use by the framework. Don't rely on its existence.

A custom drag proxy implementation specific to Ext.panel.Panels. This class is primarily used internally for the Panel's drag drop implementation, and should never need to be created directly.

Namespace: Ext.panel

Base Types


Name Description
Proxy(Panel, object) Creates new panel proxy.


Name Description
getEl() Gets the proxy's element
getGhost() Gets the proxy's ghost Panel
getProxy() Gets the proxy element. This is the element that represents where the Panel was before we started the drag operation.
hide() Hides the proxy
moveProxy(object, object) Moves the proxy to a different position in the DOM. This is typically called while dragging the Panel to keep the proxy sync'd to the Panel's location.
show() Shows the proxy


Name Description
insertProxy True to insert a placeholder proxy element while dragging the panel, false to drag with no proxy. Most Panels are not absolute positioned and therefore we need to reserve this space. Defaults to: true
moveOnDrag True to move the panel to the dragged position when dropped Defaults to: true


Name Description
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