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TableConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.panel


Name Description


Name Description
allowDeselect True to allow deselecting a record. This config is forwarded to Ext.selection.Model.allowDeselect. Defaults to: false
columnLines Adds column line styling
columns An array of column definition objects which define all columns that appear in this grid. Each column definition provides the header text for the column, and a definition of where the data for that column comes from. This can also be a configuration object for a {Ext.grid.header.Container HeaderContainer} which may override certain default configurations if necessary. For example, the special layout may be overridden to use a simpler layout, or one can set default values shared by all columns:
columns: {
            items: [
            text: "Column A"
            dataIndex: "field_A"
            text: "Column B",
            dataIndex: "field_B"
            defaults: {
            flex: 1
deferRowRender Defaults to true to enable deferred row rendering. This allows the View to execute a refresh quickly, with the expensive update of the row structure deferred so that layouts with GridPanels appear, and lay out more quickly.
disableSelection True to disable selection model. Defaults to: false
emptyText Default text (html tags are accepted) to display in the Panel body when the Store is empty. When specified, and the Store is empty, the text will be rendered inside a DIV with the CSS class "x-grid-empty".
enableColumnHide False to disable column hiding within this grid. Defaults to: true
enableColumnMove False to disable column dragging within this grid. Defaults to: true
enableColumnResize False to disable column resizing within this grid. Defaults to: true
enableLocking True to enable locking support for this grid. Alternatively, locking will also be automatically enabled if any of the columns in the column configuration contain the locked config option. Defaults to: false
features An array of grid Features to be added to this grid. See Ext.grid.feature.Feature for usage.
forceFit Ttrue to force the columns to fit into the available width. Headers are first sized according to configuration, whether that be a specific width, or flex. Then they are all proportionally changed in width so that the entire content width is used. For more accurate control, it is more optimal to specify a flex setting on the columns that are to be stretched & explicit widths on columns that are not.
hideHeaders True to hide column headers. Defaults to: false
multiSelect True to enable 'MULTI' selection mode on selection model. Defaults to: false

This cfg has been deprecated since 4.1.1

Use Ext.selection.Model.mode 'MULTI' instead.

rowLines Adds row line styling Defaults to: true
scroll Scrollers configuration. Valid values are 'both', 'horizontal' or 'vertical'. True implies 'both'. False implies 'none'. Defaults to: true
sealedColumns True to constrain column dragging so that a column cannot be dragged in or out of it's current group. Only relevant while enableColumnMove is enabled. Defaults to: false
selModel A selection model instance or config object. In latter case the selType config option determines to which type of selection model this config is applied.
selType An xtype of selection model to use. Defaults to 'rowmodel'. This is used to create selection model if just a config object or nothing at all given in selModel config. Defaults to: "rowmodel"
simpleSelect True to enable 'SIMPLE' selection mode on selection model. Defaults to: false

This cfg has been deprecated since 4.1.1

Use Ext.selection.Model.mode 'SIMPLE' instead.

sortableColumns False to disable column sorting via clicking the header and via the Sorting menu items. Defaults to: true
store The Store the grid should use as its data source.
verticalScroller A config object to be used when configuring the scroll monitor to control refreshing of data in an "infinite grid". Configurations of this object allow fine tuning of data caching which can improve performance and usability of the infinite grid.
view The Ext.view.Table used by the grid. Use viewConfig to just supply some config options to view (instead of creating an entire View instance).
viewConfig A config object that will be applied to the grid's UI view. Any of the config options available for Ext.view.Table can be specified here. This option is ignored if view is specified.
viewType An xtype of view to use. This is automatically set to 'gridview' by Grid and to 'treeview' by Tree. Defaults to: null
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