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ToolConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.panel


Name Description


Name Description
handler A function to execute when the tool is clicked. Arguments passed are:
  • event : Ext.EventObject - The click event.
  • toolEl : Ext.Element - The tool Element.
  • owner : Ext.panel.Header - The host panel header.
  • tool : Ext.panel.Tool - The tool object
  • scope The scope to execute the handler function. Defaults to the tool.
    stopEvent Specify as false to allow click event to propagate. Defaults to: true
    toolOverCls Defaults to: "x-tool-over"
    toolPressedCls Defaults to: "x-tool-pressed"
    tooltip The tooltip for the tool - can be a string to be used as innerHTML (html tags are accepted) or QuickTips config object
    tooltipType The type of tooltip to use. Either 'qtip' (default) for QuickTips or 'title' for title attribute. Defaults to: "qtip"
    type The type of tool to render. The following types are available:
  • close
  • minimize
  • maximize
  • restore
  • toggle
  • gear
  • prev
  • next
  • pin
  • unpin
  • right
  • left
  • down
  • up
  • refresh
  • plus
  • minus
  • search
  • save
  • help
  • print
  • expand
  • collapse
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