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CheckboxModel Class

A selection model that renders a column of checkboxes that can be toggled to select or deselect rows. The default mode for this selection model is MULTI.

The selection model will inject a header for the checkboxes in the first view and according to the 'injectCheckbox' configuration.

Namespace: Ext.selection

Base Types


Name Description
checkOnly True if rows can only be selected by clicking on the checkbox column. Defaults to: false
injectCheckbox The index at which to insert the checkbox column. Supported values are a numeric index, and the strings 'first' and 'last'. Defaults to: 0
showHeaderCheckbox Configure as false to not display the header checkbox at the top of the column. Defaults to: true


Name Description
getHeaderConfig() Retrieve a configuration to be used in a HeaderContainer. This should be used when injectCheckbox is set to false.
onHeaderClick(object, object, object) Toggle between selecting all and deselecting all when clicking on a checkbox header.
renderer(object, object, object, object, object, object, object) Generates the HTML to be rendered in the injected checkbox column for each row. Creates the standard checkbox markup by default; can be overridden to provide custom rendering. See Ext.grid.column.Column.renderer for description of allowed parameters.
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