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ModelConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.selection

Base Types


Name Description


Name Description
allowDeselect Allow users to deselect a record in a DataView, List or Grid. Only applicable when the mode is 'SINGLE'. Defaults to: false
mode Mode of selection. Valid values are:
  • SINGLE - Only allows selecting one item at a time. Use allowDeselect to allow deselecting that item. This is the default.
  • SIMPLE - Allows simple selection of multiple items one-by-one. Each click in grid will either select or deselect an item.
  • MULTI - Allows complex selection of multiple items using Ctrl and Shift keys.
  • pruneRemoved Prune records when they are removed from the store from the selection. This is a private flag. For an example of its usage, take a look at Ext.selection.TreeModel. Defaults to: true
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