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Thumb Class

NOTE This is a private utility class for internal use by the framework. Don't rely on its existence.

Represents a single thumb element on a Slider. This would not usually be created manually and would instead be created internally by an Multi slider.

Namespace: Ext.slider

Base Types


Name Description
Thumb(object) Creates new slider thumb.


Name Description
constrain True to constrain the thumb so that it cannot overlap its siblings Defaults to: false


Name Description
disable() Disables the thumb if it is currently enabled
enable() Enables the thumb if it is currently disabled
initEvents() Sets up an Ext.dd.DragTracker for this thumb
onDrag(object) This is tied into the internal Ext.dd.DragTracker's onDrag template method. This is called every time the DragTracker detects a drag movement. It updates the Slider's value using the position of the drag
onDragEnd(object) This is tied to the internal Ext.dd.DragTracker's onEnd template method. Removes the drag CSS class and fires the 'changecomplete' event with the new value
onDragStart(object) This is tied into the internal Ext.dd.DragTracker's onStart template method. Adds the drag CSS class to the thumb and fires the 'dragstart' event
render() Renders the thumb into a slider


Name Description
slider The slider this thumb is contained within
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