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Name Description


Name Description
activeTab The tab to activate initially. Either an ID, index or the tab component itself.
deferredRender True by default to defer the rendering of child items to the browsers DOM until a tab is activated. False will render all contained items as soon as the layout is rendered. If there is a significant amount of content or a lot of heavy controls being rendered into panels that are not displayed by default, setting this to true might improve performance. The deferredRender property is internally passed to the layout manager for TabPanels (Ext.layout.container.Card) as its Ext.layout.container.Card.deferredRender configuration value. Note: leaving deferredRender as true means that the content within an unactivated tab will not be available Defaults to: true
itemCls The class added to each child item of this TabPanel. Defaults to: "x-tabpanel-child"
maxTabWidth The maximum width for each tab.
minTabWidth The minimum width for a tab in the tabBar.
plain True to not show the full background on the TabBar. Defaults to: false
removePanelHeader True to instruct each Panel added to the TabContainer to not render its header element. This is to ensure that the title of the panel does not appear twice. Defaults to: true
tabBar Optional configuration object for the internal If present, this is passed straight through to the TabBar's constructor
tabPosition The position where the tab strip should be rendered. Can be top or bottom. Defaults to: "top"
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