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Tab Class

Represents a single Tab in a TabPanel. A Tab is simply a slightly customized Button, styled to look like a tab. Tabs are optionally closable, and can also be disabled. 99% of the time you will not need to create Tabs manually as the framework does so automatically when you use a TabPanel




Name Description
active Indicates that this tab is currently active. This is NOT a public configuration. Defaults to: false
closable True if the tab is currently closable
isTab true in this class to identify an object as an instantiated Tab, or subclass thereof. Defaults to: true


Name Description
activeCls The CSS class to be applied to a Tab when it is active. Providing your own CSS for this class enables you to customize the active state. Defaults to: "active"
closableCls The CSS class which is added to the tab when it is closable Defaults to: "closable"
closeText The accessible text label for the close button link; only used when closable = true. Defaults to: "Close Tab"


Name Description
setCard(Component) Sets this tab's attached card. Usually this is handled automatically by the that this Tab belongs to and would not need to be done by the developer
setClosable(bool) Sets the tab as either closable or not.
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