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Tip Class

This is the base class for Ext.tip.QuickTip and Ext.tip.ToolTip that provides the basic layout and positioning that all tip-based classes require. This class can be used directly for simple, statically-positioned tips that are displayed programmatically, or it can be extended to provide custom tip implementations.

Namespace: Ext.tip



Name Description
constrainPosition If true, then the tooltip will be automatically constrained to stay within the browser viewport. Defaults to: true
defaultAlign Experimental. The default Ext.Element.alignTo anchor position value for this tip relative to its element of origin. Defaults to: "tl-bl?"


Name Description
showAt(JsArray<T>) Shows this tip at the specified XY position. Example usage:
// Show the tip at x:50 and y:100
showBy(object, object) Experimental. Shows this tip at a position relative to another element using a standard Ext.Element.alignTo anchor position value. Example usage: // Show the tip at the default position ('tl-br?') tip.showBy('my-el'); // Show the tip's top-left corner anchored to the element's top-right corner tip.showBy('my-el', 'tl-tr');
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