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ToolTipConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.tip

Derived Types


Name Description


Name Description
anchor If specified, indicates that the tip should be anchored to a particular side of the target element or mouse pointer ("top", "right", "bottom", or "left"), with an arrow pointing back at the target or mouse pointer. If constrainPosition is enabled, this will be used as a preferred value only and may be flipped as needed.
anchorOffset A numeric pixel value used to offset the default position of the anchor arrow. When the anchor position is on the top or bottom of the tooltip, anchorOffset will be used as a horizontal offset. Likewise, when the anchor position is on the left or right side, anchorOffset will be used as a vertical offset. Defaults to: 0
anchorToTarget True to anchor the tooltip to the target element, false to anchor it relative to the mouse coordinates. When anchorToTarget is true, use defaultAlign to control tooltip alignment to the target element. When anchorToTarget is false, use anchor instead to control alignment. Defaults to: true
autoHide True to automatically hide the tooltip after the mouse exits the target element or after the dismissDelay has expired if set. If closable = true a close tool button will be rendered into the tooltip header. Defaults to: true
delegate A DomQuery selector which allows selection of individual elements within the target element to trigger showing and hiding the ToolTip as the mouse moves within the target. When specified, the child element of the target which caused a show event is placed into the triggerElement property before the ToolTip is shown. This may be useful when a Component has regular, repeating elements in it, each of which need a ToolTip which contains information specific to that element. See the delegate example in class documentation of Ext.tip.ToolTip.
dismissDelay Delay in milliseconds before the tooltip automatically hides. To disable automatic hiding, set dismissDelay = 0. Defaults to: 5000
hideDelay Delay in milliseconds after the mouse exits the target element but before the tooltip actually hides. Set to 0 for the tooltip to hide immediately. Defaults to: 200
mouseOffset An XY offset from the mouse position where the tooltip should be shown. Defaults to: [15, 18]
showDelay Delay in milliseconds before the tooltip displays after the mouse enters the target element. Defaults to: 500
target The target element or string id to monitor for mouseover events to trigger showing this ToolTip.
trackMouse True to have the tooltip follow the mouse as it moves over the target element. Defaults to: false
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