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PanelConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.tree


Name Description


Name Description
animate True to enable animated expand/collapse. Defaults to the value of Ext.enableFx.
displayField The field inside the model that will be used as the node's text. Defaults to: "text"
folderSort True to automatically prepend a leaf sorter to the store.
lines False to disable tree lines. Defaults to: true
root Allows you to not specify a store on this TreePanel. This is useful for creating a simple tree with preloaded data without having to specify a TreeStore and Model. A store and model will be created and root will be passed to that store. For example:
  Ext.create('Ext.tree.Panel', {
            title: 'Simple Tree',
            root: {
            text: "Root node",
            expanded: true,
            children: [
            { text: "Child 1", leaf: true },
            { text: "Child 2", leaf: true }
            renderTo: Ext.getBody()
Defaults to: null
rootVisible False to hide the root node. Defaults to: true
singleExpand True if only 1 node per branch may be expanded. Defaults to: false
useArrows True to use Vista-style arrows in the tree. Defaults to: false
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