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Floating Interface

A mixin to add floating capability to a Component.

Namespace: Ext.util

Derived Types


Name Description
alignTo(object, object, object) Aligns this floating Component to the specified element
center() Center this Component in its container.
doConstrain(object) Moves this floating Component into a constrain region. By default, this Component is constrained to be within the container it was added to, or the element it was rendered to. An alternative constraint may be passed.
getConstrainVector(object) Gets the x/y offsets to constrain this float
setActive(object, object) This method is called internally by Ext.ZIndexManager to signal that a floating Component has either been moved to the top of its zIndex stack, or pushed from the top of its zIndex stack. If a Window is superceded by another Window, deactivating it hides its shadow. This method also fires the activate or deactivate event depending on which action occurred.
toBack() Sends this Component to the back of (lower z-index than) any other visible windows
toFront(object) Brings this floating Component to the front of any other visible, floating Components managed by the same ZIndexManager If this Component is modal, inserts the modal mask just below this Component in the z-index stack.


Name Description
className Defaults to: "Ext.Base"
configMap Defaults to: {}
initConfigList Defaults to: []
initConfigMap Defaults to: {}
isInstance Defaults to: true
self Get the reference to the current class from which this object was instantiated. Unlike statics, this.self is scope-dependent and it's meant to be used for dynamic inheritance. See statics for a detailed comparison
  Ext.define('My.Cat', {
            statics: {
            speciesName: 'Cat' // My.Cat.speciesName = 'Cat'
            constructor: function() {
            alert(this.self.speciesName); // dependent on 'this'
            clone: function() {
            return new this.self();
            Ext.define('My.SnowLeopard', {
            extend: 'My.Cat',
            statics: {
            speciesName: 'Snow Leopard'         // My.SnowLeopard.speciesName = 'Snow Leopard'
            var cat = new My.Cat();                     // alerts 'Cat'
            var snowLeopard = new My.SnowLeopard();     // alerts 'Snow Leopard'
            var clone = snowLeopard.clone();
            alert(Ext.getClassName(clone));             // alerts 'My.SnowLeopard'
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