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Point Class

Represents a 2D point with x and y properties, useful for comparison and instantiation from an event:

var point = Ext.util.Point.fromEvent(e);

Namespace: Ext.util


Name Description
Point(JsNumber, JsNumber) Creates a point from two coordinates.


Name Description
fromEvent(object) Returns a new instance of Ext.util.Point base on the pageX / pageY values of the given event
isWithin(object, object) Whether the given point is not away from this point within the given threshold amount.
roundedEquals(object) Compare this point with another point when the x and y values of both points are rounded. E.g: [100.3,199.8] will equals to [100, 200]
toString() Returns a human-eye-friendly string that represents this point, useful for debugging
translate(object, JsNumber) Alias for translateBy Translate this region by the given offset amount
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